Mitigate risk, save money and build a better app with Capicua’s Pre-MVP process


Most people agree that an MVP is the best way to start developing an app

An MVP (minimum viable product) is version 1.0 of a product. It’s a simplified build of a concept that has just enough features to be tested by users.

In smart application development, an MVP is made first to save time and money. It allows a business to find out if their app idea resonates with users or not. If testing goes well, it’s a green light to further invest in the app’s development. If not, the concept can be adjusted, minimizing losses.


The problem is, an MVP is a substantial investment, increasing risk

The following scenario is nerve racking to contemplate: you invest in making an MVP, find out that users don’t respond positively to it, and then have to scrap the whole thing and start from zero.


In spite of this, many app entrepreneurs will jump directly into the MVP process, hoping for the best. This is often due to:

  • Blind faith in the app’s concept

  • Desire to test this concept with real users

  • The belief that an MVP is necessary to get serious investor money

After working with many startup clients, Capicua realized there’s a better way, one that is less risky for our clients and sets up an application for long-term success.

The Pre-MVP

The Pre-MVP is a foundation for your application. It’s your idea hashed out, turned into a features list, fully scoped by a technical leader and turned into a clickable mock-up. It’s the documentation, roadmap and wireframes you need to be ready for the next step.


A Pre-MVP is like the “discovery phase” in the MVP process, but with a tangible result in the end that will maximize your choices.


The Pre-MVP will give you the power to:

  • Improve your idea and prove it’s technologically possible
  • Validate the idea with users before investing further
  • Show investors and decision makers much more than a pitch deck
  • Choose the best development team for the job
  • Have control over your budget

The steps for the pre-MVP process:

1. Idea transformation

Over a series of intensive meetings, an app design specialist and project manager will work with you to shape your idea into a features list and basic app sketch.

The focus of this stage will be to clarify the essential user value proposition and how the app will fulfill this.

2. Technical assessment

A technical leader will assess the features list and sketches to determine the best technologies for the project and give recommendations regarding how to achieve the app’s functionalities.


3. Determine MVP scope

In this step we identify the most essential features of the app.

This is not just a stripped down features list. It’s the most basic version of the app that still captures the app’s identity and user value proposition.


4. Perform MVP estimation

Our technical team will make an estimate of the hours needed to design and develop your MVP. This will include our technology recommendations and a description of the team and skill sets required.


5. Create documentation and wireframes

Our team will make a professional presentation of your MVP requirements.

This includes:

  • Statement of the app’s purpose
  • MVP features and their workflow
  • Development roadmap

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