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Itaú is the largest private bank in Latin America, with operations in 18 countries. It’s one of the private banking institutions with the highest growth in recent years. In order to provide specialized attention, Itaú segments its offer of products and services to individuals and companies. It’s is committed to leading services and sustainable performance, which aims to continuously search for excellence in customer service.

Taking into account the prestige of the bank in our country, Capicua presented a project to offer the bank customers a quality product to improve their own businesses: 123WebYa.


123WebYa is a last generation website creator but the best part is that is super friendly and interactive. Its versatility allows to develop all kinds of platforms. What attracted Itaú the most was that they could offer this product to every customer who had any business, regardless of their business line and technological skills.

Among its main features, 123WebYa provides responsive design, includes hosting costs and has a fast, easy and intuitive use, which allows anyone to build a quality website. All the templates are designed by experienced designers and the system can support the largest news websites as well as the smallest portfolio, not to mention the possibility to update the website on the go.

Itau was very satisfied with the product, as well as its customers who, for lack of knowledge or time, did not have the tools to show their products and services in the best way possible. With 123WebYa they understood the importance of a high-quality website as part of a brand identity and its usefulness to improve the visibility of a business, among other benefits.

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