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Business Analyst


About the role:

Will be preparing reports for team members and clients that will be used to achieve overall strategic objectives. Occasionally, they will also lead their own analyses with oversight from other teammates. They will be working with all levels of the organization and should be comfortable with detailed analysis and have excellent communication skills.


● Enhances current and standard reports for meaningful, actionable data. Proactively advise on new and relevant data, data mining, business information, and analytical views. Monitor existing performance metrics and maintain a library of historical data. 
● Presents analytical results to team members and internal consumers.
● Provides feedback to department and other groups regarding information capture.
● Assist with various ad hoc reporting and projects, such as providing input and recommendations for streamlining processes and making process improvements.
● Ability to extract data from different sources and create meaningful analysis and business summaries.
● Strong multitasking skills are required, with a high level of initiative and independence.
● Strong attention to detail is a must. Ability to identify patterns or incongruities within large data samples necessary. Ability to work with complex formulas and to understand the relationships among the elements within a formula is required. Errors may lead to significant, negative impacts on business.


● Background in business, mathematics, finance, or equivalent practical expertise.
● +1 year of experience in the position, and be familiar with relational databases.
● Knowledge of financial modeling and project management would be helpful.
● Possess strong analytical skills, particularly in Excel and a querying language like SQL.
● Able to assess needs and create analytical reports that are easy to use.
● Effective verbal and written communication skills are also essential to enable internal customers to use the analytical output created.
● Prior experience in financial and database analysis is preferred, while experience in the automotive or insurance industries is also a plus.

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