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Cloud Engineer


We're looking for Cloud Engineers to join our team and work for a US client.


● Converting standard operating procedures into automation routines and optimizing the daily efficiencies of systems and cloud management.

● Looked at as the cornerstone for providing automation runbooks for the cloud engineering team, which is inclusive of core systems management, advanced knowledge of Windows server management at scale, and SaaS based application platforms.


● 4yrs+ Microsoft and Linux platform management at scale within a SaaS based deployment with 100+ servers.

● 4yrs+ of production use of tier 1 public cloud services (Azure, AWS, or GCP).

● 4yrs+ of production networking experience at scale.

● 4yrs+ of production automation experience leveraging configuration management tools in Windows and Linux environments.

● 4yrs+ of production use of SQL Server, Postgresql, MongoDB, Elasticsearch.

● 4yrs of python, SQL, Terraform, powershell or other scripting languages.

● 2yrs of production use of containerization scheduling engines (Mesos, Docker, Kubernetes).

● 2yrs of production management to CI/CD solutions (GitHub Actions, Jenkins, CircleCI, ArgoCD).

● 3yrs of working in ticketing system providing level 3 support (ServiceNow, Jira, etc).

● Experience working in an Agile environment.

● Experience working in a global organization.

● Experience managing schema changes as code.

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