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B2B Lead Generation Platform

Leadbird is a platform that allows the user to contact leads directly and free of charge. We work closely with the company to understand the needs of potential customers and design a website that makes Leadbird easier to use. As always, we seek to keep the product simple and functional while delivering added value in terms of design and development.


Data management: Leadbird is currently enrolling between 250,000 and 300,000 new leads per month. This left us with a scenario of millions of records for which it was necessary to develop strategies previously and adjust the development dynamically, according to the situations that were presented.

User friendly and easy to use: Our design and development team worked in continuous collaboration to create a fast site, that the information displayed dynamically does not hamper other functionalities and provide a global experience that is widely satisfactory for the user.

Market study: We immerse ourselves in the business reality of the client and base our work on models that work successfully in other markets.

Implementation of the solution

Through the use of new technologies such as Node.js, Angular and others, we offer an agile visualization of the contents at all times.

To enable monetization and encourage the conversion of Leadbird, we integrate the use of the Braintree Payments platform, acquired by PayPal.

The system displays new leads as the user navigates within a map.

Leadbird users can use credit cards and PayPal as a means of payment.


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