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Technologies Used


Online Custom Furniture Store

MOD is a startup company that designs and creates personalized and custom-made furniture. Its business strategy and distinguishing element is the creation of custom-made furniture, in the style requested by the customer.

Even if up to this point we could consider MOD as a regular furniture store, its distinctive trait is that it allows the customer to create their own furniture, estimate a quote, buy it and send it through its website.


The main requirement was to create an eCommerce where the furniture size, dimensions and style are selected by the user. Also, the final price of the pieces had to be presented to the user immediately in order to be able to assess costs and make quick decisions.

As a business strategy, MOD stands out by giving the customer the chance to create their furniture through an online platform. After a very thorough research, we came to the conclusion that this a unique case in the region.

By customer’s request, the platform had to be created with Ruby on Rails with a fully customized design.


The final price of the pieces depends on the materials chosen as well as the size and dimensions. The options are so broad that offering a product with a possible dimension or materials and color was unfeasible.

The work of the operators of the furniture shop could not be overloaded with the maintenance of the new system, which should not be more complex than a regular social network profile.

The units of measurement of the materials in their raw material also had to be taken into account, as well as their maximum usage so that the costs were as profitable as possible.

"3D models of each of the pieces were rendered and this contributed to the overall user experience since now we could add another feature, color selection when customizing your product"

Ismael Larrosa, Project Manager

Implementation of the solution

The implemented solution sought to combine all the previous requirements without affecting the work of the operators, giving immediately an exact final price to the customer.

The solution included an eCommerce with a custom-made web service that automatically calculated the cost of a piece of furniture.

An app was created for this purpose, which takes control of the costs of materials according to the surface chosen, as well as the cost estimation formula.

Every time a customer changes the dimensions, materials or colors, the parameters of the calculation methods are sent to the costs web service, and the estimation is done in real time to be presented to the customer.

The furniture store operators focus only on entering the cost per square meter and the materials needed for each piece of furniture. The system then automatically calculates the final price of manufacturing, based on the dimensions and materials needed.

The workforce cost is also calculated when making the estimations, and so are the supplementary materials needed, such as screws, additional materials, etc.

All the furniture information is later set into parameters from the backoffice, so that the price algorithms provide the exact final price, optimizing the quantity of material and the store’s profitability.

Technologies used

  • For the development of the eCommerce we used Ruby on Rails.
  • The dynamic cost estimation web services and backoffice were implemented with ASP.NET web forms and WCF. The database used was Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
  • The Front End is HTML5 and jQuery.


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