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MVD Consulting


MVD Consulting is a business consulting firm that works for global companies such as BASF, World Trade Center and others. When they contacted us, they asked for a branding update, but gradually, they realized they needed a much more complex service. It wasn’t just the amount of work to be delivered, but also MVD’s specific requirements and the diversity of content we produced for them what made this project so rich.

The Challenge

We wanted to create a communication strategy based upon the idea of change, so we came up with the Spark of Change concept as a different approach in business consulting that enables growth in a dynamic and competitive era. The element of change was used by MVD Consulting as a trigger for challenging reality and helping companies reach their goals.

"Spark of Change is our plan to stimulate inner change in companies from all sizes and industries. It focuses on every aspect of their business (especially the ones which go unnoticed) and relies on a consistent and methodical approach to build sensible results"

Mario Tucci (Founding Partner, MVD Consulting)

MVD’s founding partners have a very clear and specific idea of the service they provide. But at the same time, the company offers a wide range of services not only to global companies but also to young, start-up companies that need some guidance in the process of becoming global. So it was no easy task to condense all that into one voice, one visual identity that was able to communicate exactly what they do. We studied the fundamentals of business consulting, did an exhaustive research on the firm’s competitors, presented a list of visual references to the client and when they validated, we put the engine in motion.

What we did

We designed and developed their new website, updated their brand identity, produced corporate videos, created a new slogan (Spark of Change) and delivered pre-designed, customizable documents (templates) for them to use during business presentations.

A collaborative spirit

At Capicua we believe in enabling our clients to perform certain tasks by themselves, giving them the means to do so. In the case of MVD Consulting, a team from our design department met several times with their team of executives to teach them how to work with the presentation templates so that all brand elements looked unified and cohesive. In the same spirit, we developed a video production guide to help the company film interviews and testimonials (mostly voice of customer videos) when they’re visiting clients abroad. That guide included notions related to composition, lighting, live sound recording, etc.

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