Microsoft Social Plataform

MSKonnect is an Australian startup located in Melbourne. Their objective was to create a Microsoft social platform where each guru could share different information about new and trending Microsoft technologies.

The underlying idea of the portal was to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and savvy professionals to share and comment on information amongst themselves, giving the platform a life of its own.


The platform was to be developed with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Adxstudio suite technologies.

Since it is a social platform, we had to integrate the features of the Dynamics CRM, e-mail campaigns, contacts and lead management functionalities into a social and interactive network.

The goal was not to use Dynamics CRM as the public portal of the platform, but as the information backup and management unit, since that’s the biggest advantage of the platform.


The learning curve with Adxstudio was one of the main challenges that Capicua’s design and development team had to face.

The integration between Adxstudio and Dynamics CRM can be “out of the box” and direct but not when looking for specific functionalities.

At the same time, we had to make the contents of the platform shareable in the most simple and social manner, which meant connecting Dynamics CRM with today’s main social networks (Facebook, Twitter).

The third challenge was to create content to be updated in real time. We had to keep the portal updated regarding trending topics, articles that were most liked and most seen, etc.

Implementation of the solution

Technology used

  • Backend: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online on Microsoft Azure, LINQ, Facebook and Twitter libraries.
  • Front end: Adxstudio suite, HTML5, jQuery, timeago.js and Bootstrap.
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