Salon Ultimate

Mobile salon management

Salon Ultimate is a US company that offers a white label SaaS (software as a service) application to salons across the country. The cloud-based software gives their customers the tools to manage their employees, appointments, promotions, etc.
Capicua built the frontend of two mobile applications to extend Salon Ultimate’s services.


Previously, Salon Ultimate only offered a web-based application. They wanted to adapt this app to a mobile application so that users could easily access the service from any device. Furthermore, they needed a second mobile app that would be used as a customer-side appointment booking tool.

This project involved a distributed team. We had to give special attention to communication amongst all parties and participate in daily calls.


Mirror web application
We needed to replicate the functions of the Salon Ultimate web app in a mobile format. Since the functions of the web application are numerous, the client requested to simplify the mobile app, with the idea of adding more functions over time.

New booking system
The second app we made allows users to book salon appointments. Additionally, users can choose a location and stylist to do a check-in, check in for someone else and set salons and stylists as favorites.

React Native development
The client requested to work with React Native to create the apps for both iOS and Android. React Native is a framework that produces high-quality applications while using less development time than purely native technologies.

Interactive calendar system
One of the most complex aspects of this job was creating an interactive interface for the client’s appointment calendar. Users can drag and drop elements into the calendar’s time slots. Since there were many pieces of data involved this was tricky to implement, but we did so successfully.