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#RadiantesbyTRESemmé cycle with BlogCouture

Radiantes by TRESemmé is a branded content campaign for the new elixir oil product by TRESemmé. The project is the result of some great teamwork: Capicua in script, production and direction and Estudio Couture in idea and creative direction.

The Challenge

The idea was to show real women living real lives, avoiding a more glamorous and stylish approach, frequently used in beauty advertising. The stories in the videos make it clear that the product is made for everyday women who feel, dream and take action to make those dreams come true.

The Process

We shot 4 videos in 2 and a half days, working in 13 different locations. After filming was over, we chose a soundtrack theme for each video, did color correction, post-production and animation work and delivered the videos. In all videos, the first cut was the final cut as approved by both Estudio Couture and TRESemmé.

The result

We loved this project and so did TRESemmé. The original idea by Estudio Couture was very authentic and natural and it was truly enjoyable making it happen. We had four real girls: A DJ and business entrepreneur, a cooking teacher, a professional dancer and choreographer and a TV journalist / presenter. Our scriptwriters met with each one of them to capture what motivated them and put that into four beautiful screenplays. We gave the project a high-quality look, creating an aesthetic identity for each character and dealing with very tight production schedules.



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