Learning with Music

Wurrly is an educational platform that allows children to learn life skills through the power of music in a safe environment for both kids and families.




Platform Development & Design


Building & Maturing Systems


Wurrly is a platform based on the idea that music can change lives. To achieve this, it offers relevant technological and cultural content. This content makes it easy to provide fun and effective music programs.


Its impact is its influence on kids’ education through music. It’s an easy-to-use and fun platform for children and their families. Also, it has a unique approach to teaching skills like concentration and self-confidence.


The platform started its project with another company. Yet, it contacted Capicua, looking to improve its functionalities. Nowadays, Capicua is their official development team.


The main goal was to create a safe environment for kids’ educational development.


Wurrly is a collaborative platform that teaches essential life skills based on kids' love for music. These include emotional recognition and pattern recognition. Other life skills are impulse control, problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking. Nadine Levitt, a Swiss-born German opera singer, is Wurrly's creator. During her career, she has shared the stage with colossal names. Among these are David Foster, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, and Steven Tyler.

Nowadays, the venture has an international team with members from Europe, the US, and South America. Within it, there is Marketing Director Andrew Andersen, who worked with Beyoncé and Bon Jovi.


We needed to acknowledge the previously developed design and structure in this case. Thus, we had to continue with what was already done instead of building it from scratch.

Yet, our biggest concern was taking care of its two main areas: students and teachers. For instance, a challenge was to create a comfortable environment for kids and their parents. Another challenge was creating an attractive platform that stimulates kids’ interests. In sum, our dare was to create a stimulating and safe platform.


Worth Mentioning

We keep working on building and maturing all its systems. Wurrly has won a CODiE Award for Best Tool for Student Creation or Expression.

> WURRLYEdu is a great platform that helps reach students at their personal ability level to engage in cross-curricular expression. It relies on various genres of music, from hip-hop to Classical, while assisting students in creating through music.


Our team combined Typescript, React, Node.JS, and GraphQL. These languages apply to the front and the back-end. Further, we used three Hasura and three Remote Schema services to develop, product, and stage the platform for the AWS cluster.

Additionally, we applied s3 static pages for frontend buckets, PostgreSQL’s Database, and Docker’s Containerization. For the Database Management Software, we chose 3 DB instances: Dev (T3 micro), Stage (T3 small), and Prod (T3 medium).


​​We put children’s safety as our number one priority. Within this, it was essential to create an environment where both kids and their parents feel comfortable. For instance, teachers cannot send direct invites to kids under 12. Instead, they have to invite their parents and get their approval. On the other hand, teachers can’t see other children in the app. However, they can upload songs, create tasks, correct homework, and create video playlists. Moreover, kids can’t log in without an invite. To do so, they have specific students’ codes, guaranteeing access to their suitable classes.

Our team also emphasized creating an attractive platform that stimulates kids’ interests. To achieve this, we added different features. Some include badges and scores that allow them to unlock unique options and challenges to keep them motivated.


Wurrly’s UI aims to be easy and intuitive for children. To achieve this, we worked with Figma and Overflow. Also, we handled Java in a lambda function to convert .midi files into JSON and get chords and song lyrics. We added Stripe and a Clever + Google + MS Teams integration.

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