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AI Development with React

AI Development with React.js

Artificial Intelligence has been making strides over the last couple of decades. Further, it reached a point where we can find it in many aspects of our daily lives. It's a fact that knowing AI is a considerable advantage for developers. That's why we'll focus on this topic in this article. And as React is one of our favorite development tools, we decided to combine these two. Below, we'll go over React and AI basics. Then, we'll move on to some examples of unique AI-based features developed with React. Let's dive in!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The concept behind Artificial Intelligence is quite simple. It lies in the fact that computers can learn from existing decision-making examples. As a result, we can build intelligent machines that can perform human tasks. Some examples include speech recognition, fraud prevention, and smart assistants. Since AI is a broad field, it's divided into many sub-fields. These may also have sub-fields! For example, there are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). The latter branch mixes AI and Computer Science. It uses algorithms and structural models to analyze data patterns. As a result, it imitates the way humans learn. Machine Learning gives computers the ability to learn by mimicking human behavior.

What is React?

Although many refer to React as a framework, it’s a front-end JavaScript library. This library is open-source and used to build web user interfaces (UIs). Also known as ReactJS or React.JS, Facebook created it for internal use in 2011. Later, in 2013, they released it into the world. React is a prevalent development tool and is currently in its 18.0.0 version. React has lots of essential features. For instance, it's declarative and component-based. Furthermore, it supports the server side and is fast and easy to learn!

5 Examples of React for AI Development

Artificial Intelligence has brought on outstanding improvements to our daily lives. Its uses are far-reaching and are in almost, if not every, industry. When it comes to development, React has also shown considerable flexibility. These uses encompass blogs and social networks to eCommerce and cross-platform mobile apps. So, what can these two achieve when combined? We'll review seven examples of AI development with React.

1. Speech Recognition

Nowadays, speech recognition is a striking and popular feature. Moreover, it's beneficial for people with hearing or visual impairments. It has many uses, like hands-free control of various devices and equipment. Also, it allows writing documents through voice-to-text tech and security voice identification. These are a few examples of its wide applications. Regarding React, there are several ways to add speech recognition. This ready-made boilerplate integrates ML to React to allow speech recognition. You also can use the text-to-speech API. And, as seen in Logrocket's blog, there's a react-speech-recognition hook for voice assistance.

2. Shopping Carts

We thought the AI of this shopping cart deserved its section. With AI plus React, websites can allow users to add items to their cart with voice recognition. For this, you'll need the Alan AI framework. It makes it possible to run an entire application through voice commands!

3. Machine Learning Web Apps

You can also combine AI with React to create Web Apps with Flask. To do so, you should develop the front end in React and the back end in Flask. Adding a machine learning model allows you to predict values for specific inputs.

4. Image Search

Let’s say you want to add an image search feature to your project. React can help you with this as well! You can rely on React for the front-end user interactions, with Node.JS and its package manager NPM to build the back-end. Other tools included Cloudinary for image storage and Algolia to start the AI search. As a result, an AI image-search tool looks for patterns among uploaded images.

5. Tic Tac Toe

You can also use Artificial Intelligence to have some fun! That’s precisely the case for this AI-based Tic Tac Toe uses Node.JS, React, and Adaptive Intelligence (AIP3). As a consequence, it adapts to an opponent’s skill level. How do you think AI fares against a human Tic Tac Toe player?

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Write Code?

A big question about Artificial Intelligence is if it will take over what are now human jobs. So, we thought it would be interesting to dive into the questions. Could AI write your React code for you? The short answer is yes, and then some

For instance, there is Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3). This autoregressive language model is a creation of OpenAI. Also, it's trained to produce human-like text with deep learning. With an unprecedented 175 billion parameters, it's able to write everything! From literary works, business memos, and, yes, it also codes. It can also write poems, fiction, and humor texts. Debuild CEO used GPT-3 to write React code for a fully-functioning app in seconds. 

If you are worried about your future as a developer, don’t panic! Although GPT-3 has shown fantastic potential, this AI cannot make breakthroughs. Yet, it’s a tremendous tool to delegate smaller tasks so you can have time to focus on the bigger picture.


As you can see, the opportunities are endless regarding AI development with React. There’s a wide variety that goes from shopping to analytics and beyond. We hope our overview has inspired you! What will your next AI project be?