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What is Capicua?

Capicua is a renowned Custom Product Development venture focused on B2B products and services. With over ten years of experience in the IT world, we harness Design Thinking to do UX-focused Software and Product Development with identity and soul, with users at the core of all our processes at all times and levels of projects.

What does Capicua mean?

The word "capicúa" (/kapiˈkua/ [ka.piˈku.a]) comes from the Catalan language and translates to "head and tail." While not a direct translation, it serves the same purpose as "palindrome" in English, defining something readable from front to back and vice versa without losing its phonetic composition. In Spanish, "capicua" focuses on numbers like 2112 (our founding date!). Check out our article about the myriad of definitions this small word holds!

Why is the company called Capicua?

For many, the concept of "capicua" brings a sense of unity and balance. And that's what we seek in our products! Since we approach Product Development from a UX/UI Design perspective, we successfully create the products that users love, competitors look for, and businesses rely on. And, while many intermediate steps can pass unseen from the final-user experience, we pay special attention to all to guarantee functional, outstanding products.

How does Capicua work?

Our service is answering business challenges with technological solutions. To achieve these outcomes, we rely on Design Thinking, Full Cycle Development, and Agile Methodologies. This approach has proven to do wonders in defining a product vision, future-proofing business ideas, and scaling it through long-lasting partnerships! As a result, our exceptional team and its quality-oriented procedures deliver product MVPs in a maximum of 90 days.

Where can I see Capicua's work?

Through our hard work, we partner with renowned names and companies in the tech landscape, including healthcare, finance, education, and B2B fields. Look at our showcase gallery to dive further into the outcomes of our joint work with some of our most prominent partners! You can dive into our insights section, where we share ever-updated thoughts, news, and tips to master all areas of this wonderful and complex industry.


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