What We Value

We believe that happy teams are the foundation of successful projects and products. Thus, our team works hard to create positive environments for businesses, clients, and team members. If all parties feel good about their work, projects have a meaningful impact and inspiring quality, even under moon landing pressure!
True friends want what's best for you! And that’s precisely what we wish all our collaborators and partners: to reach their full potential and thrive in all their endeavors. With that approach, we direct clients towards full-cycle, business-proof choices that lead them to the best product and project outcomes. Even when the path seems tough!
Our team's confidence, experience, communication, and collaboration skills are definitely our best strengths. At all stages, we foster a great sense of ownership by encouraging all teammates to bring their Technology, Development, Design, and Management ideas to the table. Of course, this practice goes for our partners, too!

Who We Are

We combine our talents to breathe life into solutions to help you progress. Our benefits include engine revenue, cost efficiency improvement, risk reduction, and company future-proofing. We have a fantastic team with vast creativity and technical experience, while the expertise of our team also ensures product usage and a lasting ROI. Our managers are ready to handle all aspects of design and development cycles!

Ismael Larrosa

Co-Founder & CEO

Founder of the Capicua brand, founder, and majority owner of parent company Larnick, SRL, a full-cycle digital agency with 10+ years of experience managing software and design projects. Professional, flexible, and service-orientated, with a unique combination of creativity, analytical skills, and cost-effective solutions. Ismael is also an avid collector of vintage advertising items and a fan of Mad Men.
(929) 442-7784
1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010

Mauricio Nicoletti

Co-Founder & CCO

Mauricio was the first to join Ismael in Capicua's offices. While starting as a designer, he handled different roles, including administration and HR. As the company grew, he returned to his true passion, leading the Design team. He's got tremendous professional experience in digital and printed design, with companies like TT Logics and PwC and brands like The Discovery Channel and Cartoon Network on his portfolio.

Carlos Traibel

Partner & COO

Carlos started as a Graphic Designer and took a giant leap by becoming the Design Team Lead at TCS for PwC. He smoothly coordinated Design and Brand Management, ensuring the path for PwC to become a global brand. In 2013, he started at Capicua as a UI Designer, transitioned to Project Manager, and then into COO. Carlos is incredibly intuitive and patient, relying on human approaches to business success.

Rosina Varela

People Care Chief

Before Capicua, Rosina worked for ventures like Prometeo and Oktana Corporation. In 2020, she joined as a Head Recruiter and grew to the HR Management position as a crucial key to developing and managing collaborators' well-being programs. These include Business English lessons for all levels and partnerships with renowned academic institutions to update teams' knowledge constantly.

Pablo Restuccia

VP of Technology

Pablo has vast experience in tech companies abroad in countries like New Zealand and Spain. His portfolio includes businesses of Matchmind (SP) and Vodafone (NZ) caliber. Once Larnick SRL transitioned into a software company, his knowledge of large organizations’ management let him lead the tech department. Nowadays, Restuccia is the Development Team Leader and partner at Capicua.
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We have an excellent team of over 100 professionals in ten different countries. Yet, we don't let distance keep us from sharing! We host many online and in-person instances worldwide. Core to our values, we trust that team building creates solid relationships.

At Capicua, we have a people-first approach to everything we do. As a result, not only do we achieve top-notch products but also great experiences. We trust our team members to bring their knowledge and thoughts to deliver quality software products and experiences.
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Capicua succeeds as one of the leading Product Design and Software Development companies in New York. We answer business challenges with user-based, visually stunning, and top-notch technological solutions. Looking to shape the future? Get in touch!
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