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Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in a myriad of tech stacks and is ready to apply it to revolutionize your project! We ensure thriving lifecycles running with continuous updates and iterations, merging tech and logic with our ISO-verified Agile approach. You give us the goals and the deadline. We handle everything, from UX/UI Design and Project Management to Software Development!
With APX, aesthetic practice professionals can now access an incredible educational platform to improve their productivity and profitability.
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User-Focused from Idea to Launch


Since the beginning, we held a UX-oriented approach, treating design as a process. Beyond stunning visuals, it's about putting ourselves in users' shoes to create the products they'll love and share. Users are always the core of each idea we bring to life. Our specialized UX/UI Design creates unique and effortless experiences and delivers beautiful and easy-to-use interfaces.
With data analysis, Metopio creates insights for businesses to understand their communities better through an intuitive interface and experience.
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Long-Time Alliances & Partnerships


We offer a thriving Managed Capacity Model for each project's specific functions and techs. Our team works as an extension of yours in the fields you need the most to boost your project. Our team constantly delivers a work-based, quality-oriented, and human-centered approach. No contracts or scope meetings are required!
KÜHL offers a high-quality eCommerce experience. Since our first encounter, we have taken care of its marketing, UX, and graphic design.
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Capicua succeeds as one of the leading Product Design and Software Development companies in New York. We answer business challenges with user-based, visually stunning, and top-notch technological solutions. Looking to shape the future? Get in touch!
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