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Software Development Nearshoring in Uruguay

Nearshoring of Software Development in Uruguay

You may not know much about Uruguay. The small country in South America has a population of only 3.5 million people. And, among those people, there are those who created our company. While we’ve discussed some fun facts about Uruguay before, today we’d love to dive deeper into the nearshoring landscape for software development companies and workers. Join us! 

Uruguay has a relatively stable political climate and a well-developed regulatory environment. The country has a high literacy rate and a well-educated workforce, which makes it an attractive location for foreign investors. Historically, our country has focused its economic diversification on agriculture, services, and manufacturing.

Yet, in the last couple of decades, software development has become a limelight within manufacturing. Moreover, the government has implemented policies encouraging foreign investment, like tax incentives and simplifying bureaucratic procedures. Additionally, Uruguay has free trade agreements with several countries in the region and beyond, which has helped to increase investment flows.

Recently, Uruguay became an attractive destination for international IT companies. Let’s explore some factors that contributed to creating this special worldwide focus:

1. Skilled Workforce. Uruguay has a highly skilled and educated workforce, with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Our country has a high literacy rate and a large pool of bilingual workers, making it an attractive location for IT companies looking to set up operations in Latin America.

2. Environmental Stability. Uruguay offers a stable political environment and well-developed regulations within unstable political climates. These regulations provide favorable business environments for international companies. Besides, the country has a relatively low level of corruption, making it an attractive location for foreign investment.

3. Strategic Location. Strategically positioned in the Southern Cone of South America, Uruguay has easy access to major regional markets. The country has a strong transportation infrastructure, including two major ports and an international airport. As a result, it’s easier for companies to do business with neighboring countries.

4. Government Support. The Uruguayan government has implemented policies encouraging foreign investment in the IT sector, such as tax incentives and subsidies for research and development activities. The government has also invested in infrastructure and education to support the sector's maturation. An amazing example of this growth is that we’re No. 3 in the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) America’s Global Cybersecurity Index. Further, according to the IDB, Uruguay is one of the more advanced countries in the region.

The business climate to open a new IT company as a local entrepreneur in Uruguay is generally favorable. However, there are some challenges that local entrepreneurs may face when starting a new IT company in Uruguay. These challenges include:

1. Financing. Access to financing can be difficult for local entrepreneurs, particularly for startups that don’t have a proven track record. The government implemented entrepreneurship programs, like seed funding and venture capital. Yet these resources may be limited at times.
2. Competition. As you may guess, we’ve become an attractive destination for foreign IT companies, which may challenge local entrepreneurs looking to compete in the market.
3. Market. In the end, Uruguay has a relatively small domestic market. As a result, this market may cut local IT companies' growth potential. 

Despite these challenges, the overall business climate for local entrepreneurs in Uruguay's IT sector is positive. The government has recognized the importance of the sector and is committed to supporting its growth, which has created a favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we’ve witnessed several improvements in the software development landscape. Let’s go over some of these!

1. Growth. The Fintech sector in Uruguay has seen significant growth over the past years, with several emerging startups and established companies expanding operations.
2. eCommerce. Like with so many other countries, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the growth of eCommerce in Uruguay. Due to is, many businesses pivoted to online sales to reach customers during lockdowns. Yet, the eCommerce infrastructure and logistics increment exceeded expectations and health restrictions. Nowadays, our country has more and more companies specializing in eCommerce solutions.
3. Tech Adoption. Uruguay keeps adopting new techs to improve efficiency and productivity. For example, Montevideo’s Port has implemented a new blockchain-based platform to streamline import and export processes. Likewise, the agriculture sector has increasingly adopted precision agriculture technologies to improve crop yields and reduce costs.

Ultimately, investing in Uruguay's talent is always a wise choice! We have an amazing, ethical, and talented workforce, and current globalization is an amazing tool to enhance worldwide partnerships. Are you looking for a business partner to expand your product or service? Give us a call! We’d be delighted to tell you more about it over a nice mate and some dulce de leche!