GenAI for Finance Webinar

Webinar for CFOs, CPAs, and Finance Professionals

Unlocking the Future of Finance with GenAI

Transform Financial Operations with AI Innovation

Introducing an exclusive webinar tailored specifically for CFOs, CPAs, and worldwide finance professionals who want to take the lead into the impactful world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the finance domain. AI can streamline financial processes, enhance decision-making, and deliver unparalleled value to your clients. Wondering how? Join our next webinar and stay ahead of the curve!

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Webinar Highlights


Generative AI in Financial Reporting

Learn how Generative AI can automate processes, improve accuracy, and guarantee compliance to revolutionize the quality of financial reporting while saving valuable time.


AI-Driven Financial Insights

Understand how AI can analyze complex financial data in-depth, offering valuable insights that can empower you to make well-informed and strategic decisions.

German Moveo

Personalized Client Services

See how AI has the capability to customize financial services in order to fulfill the unique needs of each client, not only to improve satisfaction but also to foster stronger loyalty.

Ismael Larrosa

AI Future Trends and Innovations

Keep yourself at the forefront by staying updated on the newest developments,  advances, trends, and innovations in AI applications within finance.

Why Attend?

Capicua Webinars

Expert Speakers

Gain insights from leading experts in AI and finance from Capicua, Moveo, and more.

Capicua Webinars

Practical Applications

Get practical advice on implementing AI solutions in your financial operations.

Capicua Webinars

Exclusive Resources

Access a wealth of resources and tools to help you leverage AI in your finance role.

Who Should Attend?

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

Finance Managers and Directors

Financial Analysts and Consultants

Professionals looking to innovate their financial practices

Webinar Details

1 hour
Webinar platform

Featured Experts

German Attanasio
German Attanasio
CTO, Moveo.AI
Ismael Larrosa
Ismael Larrosa
CEO, Capicua

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At Capicua, we are dedicated to helping finance professionals harness the power of AI to drive efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.

GenAI for Finance WebinarCapicua GenAI for Finance
Join us for this informative webinar to make AI your competitive advantage and start transforming your financial operations today.