Blockchain in Software Development

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Blockchain has grown as fast as time goes by, with a noticeable presence in the software industry. We usually do not know what it means and forget about asking its most common questions. How can I use it to improve my business? Is it safe to start with Blockchain? Is Blockchain worthy? Let's read more about it to know what Blockchain has to offer.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain refers to a ledger or distributed database for safe and tamper-proof transactions. It usually functions through different networks and servers. Also, it covers information in a digital format to store data in an organized way. It initially was part of Bitcoin to help financial services. It served as a method to create a decentralized record of transactions.

Blockchain Development 

It consists of creating, designing, and implementing applications related to Blockchain. This process also includes maintaining existing products to cover all details for cryptocurrency. Its focus is on creating products with Blockchain to get solutions efficiently.

How is the Blockchain Created

Closed concepts create a blockchain. This term refers to setting multiple protocols at once with determined nodes. These protocols receive the name consensus protocol. Defining a simple blockchain creation process is impossible since they can be different. The most commons are Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS).

What are the Blockchain's Uses

About Blockchain, there are many uses of this database, such as:


It permits clients and insurers to manipulate claims transparently and steadily. All contracts may get records on the Blockchain and confirmed through the network. This might put off invalid claims because the Blockchain might reject the fake ones.

Cyber Security

Due to its security system, it can focus on a safe environment to make payments. It's well known that Blockchain guarantees a low score for cyber attacks.

Trade Finance

Blockchain can streamline change finance offers and simplify methods throughout borders. It allows corporations to solve problems with a safe payment method.

Laundering Protection

It prevents companies from money laundering problems. Its process seeks to create a safe way to make payments with a closed transaction.

Government Applications

Governments can access Blockchain and get excellent solutions. It helps them cover records, identity management, and voting.

What are the Types of Blockchain?

In cryptocurrency, Blockchain is essentially categorized into four main types, which are:

Public Blockchain

These blockchains' basis is on the concept of decentralization. They don't have any restrictions because no one with a computer can access them.

Private Blockchain

In these cases, blockchains do not count on the same decentralized level as the previous one. Only selected nodes can use it, not all public ones. This means that this one can be more secure due to this limitation.

Hybrid Blockchain

It's a mix of non-public and public blockchains. A few organizations or other sources manage its components, which are public ones.

Consortium Blockchain

This innovative method solves the wishes of organizations. This Blockchain validates the transaction and additionally initiates or gets transactions.

The Blockchain in Software Development

Which Companies are using Blockchain?

Most companies consider using Blockchain as the main feature. This choice refers to a safe environment it counts on, which can be beneficial for large companies like:


IBM has decided to use Blockchain as a bluemix to perform their accounts with other agencies. It controls percentage statistics and financial aspects to control different contracts at once.


As a way to create decentralized applications, Microsoft decided to use Blockchain. They made their version of the Blockchain, called Azure Blockchain Service. It helps to track records among developers.


It also uses Blockchain to connect customers with a product's origin online. At the same time, this company is working with IBM to analyze how Blockchain can help them. This project refers to finding ways to reduce fraud and cyber attacks.

Why do Companies use the Blockhain?

Based on this idea, many companies have decided to include this feature. So, the most common reasons why they use it are:

●  Reducing cost and time to make payments.
●  Helping to protect data from unauthorized sources.
●  Improving transparency and trust between companies.
●  Creating immutable records that cannot be tampered with for transactions.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Blockchain?

Even now, each transaction related to crypto can impact business models. Blockchain is not the exception, and it covers more functionalities. The Blockchain can have both pros and cons for companies, such as:

Pros of the Blockchain


The accessibility that Blockchain has helps users to make transactions without third parties. This reduces the time and cost for users without needing someone else to do the job.


The non-needing third parties part allows users to do things faster. It helps to authenticate transactions in less time than other cryptocurrency platforms.


Its security system is also a primary reason users decide to use Blockchain. It allows companies and users to make payments with a decentralized database.


This concept is the principle characteristic of Blockchain. That's due to its process of authenticating transactions or operations. It also helps to reduce transaction validation times.

Cons of the Blockchain


Since Blockchain is growing fast, its database systems cannot be enough. It refers to the lack of enough storage to cover all the new users accessing the blockchain world


Due to its security system, losing and forgetting passwords is a constant problem. If accessing the Blockchain without a password, it's hard work to get a new one.


It can help companies to grow economically, but it also produces unemployment. Since it does not need third parties, people would have fewer requirements.


Even if this represents low costs for users, this can be expensive for companies. Their implementation has a high price, which refers to a transaction delay.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain represents a safe and faster transaction way for cryptocurrencies. It's usable with more than Bitcoin or Ethereum, unlike some think. Moreover, its ledger helps to record entire transactions without other parties for crypto.

Also, it's categorized as an accessible system for anyone. This accessibility means it can be part of all the companies without a specific field. This fact takes into notice the number of transactions and records.

Blockchain in Product Development

Its presence lies in the safe technology it is for developers. It allows developers to create code deployments with a secure and transparent record. Blockchain is an essential key between developers and companies to track codebases. Using Blockchain in software development guarantees a faster process for users. Its system creates reduced paperwork and immutable records. It permits developers to make modifications and updates with a secure code at once.

Is it worth asking if Blockchain is a safe way? Yes. Blockchain refers to a safe way for product development. Its immutable nature help developers create applications without third parties. This feature allows development companies to build products without the risk of hacking.

Frequent Questions About The Blockchain

How hard is Blockchain Development?

Due to its closed nodes, becoming a Blockchain Developer is not that easy. The "consensus protocol" makes blockchain creation hard but not impossible. After understanding how nodes work, it's possible to create one of them.

What is a Blockchain Plarform?

A Blockchain platform allows users and developers to make transactions. Further, its main strengths relate to security and transparency. These are usually created by Ethereum and other nodes connected to cryptography.

How many Blockchain Plartforms are there?

The wide variety of stay blockchains is developing each day at an ever-growing pace. There are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies. Primarily, most of them are on the Blockchain.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain covers a new world for databases and safety processes to make transactions. It generates a radical approach without third parties like banks leaving them behind. Including blockchains can change a whole database for product development.

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