Capicua Climbs Higher on Clutch's Game-Changers

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Capicua Team

There are plenty of advantages that US firms can gain from nearshoring and outsourcing their design and development work from Latin American companies. Among those is our unparalleled commitment and expertise in our craft: at Capicua, we are a proud LatAM company specializing in Product Development and UX/UI solutions.

Since 2010, we’ve been providing a vast array of services and solutions to help our clients disrupt their respective fields. Nothing compares to our dedication when it comes to shaping the future of our clients! We put ourselves in users' and businesses' shoes to create stunning and functional products, constantly striving to deliver the quality they deserve.

We’re humbled to see our company ranking highly on Clutch! The platform is the go-to resource for potential corporate clients who want to connect with reliable IT, marketing, and business service providers. Not only are we among Clutch’s top 1000 for the second year in a row. Recently, Capicua has been bestowed the rank of game-changer among enterprise app development companies. This status is only given to companies with unparalleled commitment, consistency, and quality.

Needless to say, we wouldn’t be able to showcase all of those without the support of our amazing clients. The honest testimonials and ratings they’ve given about their experience working with us help us highlight what we can do. We owe them this exciting rank! Thank you so much to everyone who trust and cheered on our team. Capicua is proud to be your high-rated partner and an industry game-changer! Further, we'd like to share some great received reviews from our excellent partners.

"The ease with which Capicua has ingrained into our team is impressive. While many consulting firms only talk about being an extension of internal teams, Capicua has truly become our partner in this project. Capicua isn't just a vendor — they're a partner." — Recruitment Solution Development for Applied AI Company

"“Capicua did an excellent job, and they delivered high-quality work. They didn’t see themselves as a body shop — they took ownership of the project. They were highly passionate about what they were doing, and that translated into them being more engaged in problem-solving and thinking through how to solve best the problem that we were trying to solve." — Software Dev and UI/UX Design for Management Consulting Firm

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