Capicua is on Clutch's top 1,000 Providers

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Capicua Team

Every day, new techs appear on the market, helping us to improve our business efficiency. That's why we're always learning about the latest languages and trends. As a result, we can bring integrated solutions to any project. Our team has been joining forces with ventures for over a decade to develop superb solutions. Moreover, we achieve this through disruptive techs and user-focused design. This way, we can address each project's specific needs. As a result, we're one of Uruguay's go-to developers' teams.

Global Recognition: Clutch’s Top 1,000 Software Providers is one of the top B2B spaces worldwide. It connects businesses with service providers to fit both parties' needs. Its Clutch 1000 represents the top 1% of companies on the platform. This selection encompasses providers from all around the world! 

Its last press release put us in its 1000 global service providers for 2021. This recognition makes us incredibly proud of our team and work! Further, it reflects our commitment, both in services and core values. With this kind of backup, we can look straight into the future. Also, it encourages us to keep delivering fantastic software and design services.

Local Recognition: Uruguay’s Leading Company

Our passion for incredible services and solutions doesn't stop there. Also, we're among  Clutch's leading companies in Uruguay! Their review declares that Capicua is consistently exceeding expectations and industry standards. It's an honor to keep growing and gaining weight in such a dynamic and vibrant industry. Moreover, we know that balancing processes and talent is vital to success. 

Our Commitment

“Being among Clutch's 1000 Leaders is an incredible pride for us. This recognition pushes us to keep professionalizing companies. We're always motivated by innovative and disruptive web, mobile, design, and software services.” Ismael Larrosa - CEO of Capicua

Our extensive work goes from business market research to full-service development. Also, it includes full-stack engineering and legacy integrations. Since our beginning, Capicua's primary goal has been to transform and renew businesses. That's why we keep creating disruptive companies. We combine imagination, user-focused design, and advanced-guard technology to do so. We align with our clients' ideas by building iterative plans with agile methods. Our team works together with professionalism and effectiveness, focusing on your venture's goals.

Are you looking to expand your business? Do you have an excellent idea in mind? Let's chat! We are thrilled to meet you and collaborate for your vision to reach its best. Our team will work to achieve top-notch results throughout this process. We are a Creative Hub for next-generation companies.

Our human-centered approach and hard-earned reputation make us able to deliver successful, top-notch, and stunning products. Whether you're looking to move from an idea into a business or thinking of new iterations for your product, our UX-focused Custom Software Development company is here to help. Feel free to reach out, and let's shape the future together!
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