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How To Get Your First UX/UI Design Job

How To Get Your First UX/UI Design Job

Have you just finished school or a UX/UI boot camp and are ready to take on the job market? Searching for a UX/UI designer job can take time and effort. You must read on to look at a few must-know tips that'll help you find your first UX/UI job.

What to do Before Applying for a UX/UI Job?

As for any job, you must put your hands to work before even being able to apply for a job. UX/UI design is the same. So, you must involve yourself with UX/UI Design Trends, have a portfolio, and a few things. 

How to Get Your First UX/UI Job?

1. Research UX/UI Tips and Trends

First, you must get along with all the current trends. Before applying for a UX/UI job, you must be familiar with popular color palettes, fonts, and layouts. Read blogs and articles and watch videos for advice about User Experience Design principles and User Interface Design tips and tricks. Also, knowing about storytelling strategies and accessibility guidelines is helpful!

2. Build a Portfolio to Showcase Your Work

Your portfolio is like your cover letter. It's the first thing potential employers will see from you. You want to make an excellent first impression. So highlight your ideas, style, and abilities. Consider showing case projects that prove you have what it takes to craft unique UX/UI designs. Ensure to highlight that you've participated in projects from scratch until launch. That's a big bonus! Here's some advice, including images, descriptions, and objectives of your outcomes. Let your future employers know about the things you do know. The list here goes from usability principles to testing techniques!

How To Get Your First UI/UX Design Job

3. Use Networking Opportunities

What about seminars and conferences? Attending reunions is a perfect decision. So you can make valuable connections with other designers, recruiters, and employers. Additionally, by knowing other design-savvies, you could get references. You'll learn new techs, trends, tools, best practices, etc. All this is crucial, especially for rookies. Hence, you increase your chances of getting hired exponentially!

4. Learn to Talk About Your Work

It would help if you talked about your work understandably and appealingly. If employers or recruiters don't get what you want to express, you'll be in a hurry. You can attend workshops or take online courses to get this. Learn critical points and ensure your resume and portfolio stand out! You can even use your design skills, leaving a great impression from the beginning! However, confidence in discussing your skills is vital at any level.

5. Brush Up on UX/UI Interview Questions

You'll sometimes walk on thin ice when attending a UX/UI interview. It's normal, don't worry! We're human, and we don't know all the answers. However, you can prepare as there is common ground in all interviews. For example, you'd get questions about best UI design and interaction practices. But you may also need to talk about design principles and prototyping tools. Read up on and practice how you would answer questions around these areas!

6. Know What UX/UI Job You Want

You know you already have homework if you're considering a UX/UI design career. Nonetheless, there's something else we'd have mentioned before. You must research to discover what type of job fits you the best according to your skill set. Likewise, consider if there's a specific industry you'd like. You may feel more attracted by Fintech, Edtech, or eCommerce projects.

How To Get Your First UI/UX Design Job

7. Find out Required Skills and Experiences  

Many positions need a specific skill set or a particular amount of experience. Before applying for a job, consider the requisites, so you seize every opportunity. Read job postings carefully! Many lists all the desired qualifications, like education, experience, coding knowledge, or soft skills like leadership and problem-solving. It can help to research more about the qualifications design companies want! Understanding what a company is looking for will help you prepare for the interview.

8. Get Involved With Online Communities

UX/UI design is a great way to engage with an ever-expanding world. There are always new trends, topics, and ways of doing things! You'll always be energized and keep searching and learning exciting issues.  You can participate in online communities and forums to connect with like-minded designers. Also, these are great spaces to learn new approaches to design and start exchanging ideas. It'll improve your skills as a designer while collaborating and getting feedback. There are so many UX/UI-related platforms available nowadays. So, connecting worldwide with experts is easier than ever. So why not take advantage of this fantastic resource and get involved?


Getting an entry-level UX/UI design job will require much effort and hard work. However, with the listed tips, you'll be closer to reaching your job and becoming a UX/UI designer!