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If you're passionate about creating intuitive User Interfaces and engaging User Experiences, we have the job for you! Join Capicua to make the most of your keen eye for design and knack for understanding user needs.

In this position, you'll lead the development and optimization of innovative user interfaces, ensuring effective integration of best practices and principles of UI/UX and Product Design

You will collaborate closely with an interdisciplinary team to continuously improve design processes, providing solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations and enrich User Experiences.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Advanced User Interface Design: Develop advanced user interfaces that are intuitive and visually impactful, guiding the aesthetic direction and rigorously following brand guidelines and design standards.
  • Collaborative Leadership and Support: Oversee and mentor less experienced team members in daily tasks, lead design iterations based on customer feedback, and optimize team efficiency.
  • Iteration of Advanced Designs: Lead the refinement of existing designs, incorporating critical feedback from the internal team and the customer to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards.
  • Prototyping and Usability Testing: Create high-fidelity prototypes and conduct usability testing to validate and improve functionality and user experience.
  • Strategic Client Communication: Facilitate and lead meetings with clients to define requirements, present innovative ideas, and gather essential feedback for product refinement.
  • Asset Management and Design Systems: Maintain and update design systems to ensure consistency and quality across all projects.
  • Integration and Collaboration with Development Team: Proactively work with developers, content specialists, and other experts to ensure seamless and technically sound implementation consistent with project objectives.


  • Proven advanced experience in UX/UI Design with a focus on Product Design solutions.
  • Solid portfolio showing exceptional skills in Interface Design and User Experience.
  • Proficiency in advanced design tools such as Figma, Sketch, and Adobe Creative Suite, among others.
  • Exceptional abilities to work in a fast-paced multidisciplinary team and lead effective communications.
  • Advanced English.

With over a decade of experience, Capicua is a renowned UX-focused Product Development company. With offices and team members around the world, we’ve been recognized for our disruptive work by names such as Clutch, Financial Times, and Inc. 5000. Our team constantly thrives at pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver exceptional products and services for A-list clients.

If you are looking for an opportunity to work with an innovative team on outstanding UI/UX Design projects, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out our contact form detailing your knowledge and experience. We look forward to welcoming you to our team!

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Meaningful processes

We believe that happy teams are the foundation of successful projects and products. Thus, our team works hard to create positive environments for businesses, clients, and team members. If all parties feel good about their work, projects have a meaningful impact and inspiring quality, even under moon landing pressure!


True friends want what's best for you! And that’s precisely what we wish all our collaborators and partners: to reach their full potential and thrive in all their endeavors. With that approach, we direct clients towards full-cycle, business-proof choices that lead them to the best product and project outcomes. Even when the path seems tough!


Our team's confidence, experience, communication, and collaboration skills are definitely our best strengths. At all stages, we foster a great sense of ownership by encouraging all teammates to bring their Technology, Development, Design, and Management ideas to the table. Of course, this practice goes for our partners, too!



Our team fosters UX/UI Design and Full Cycle Product Development as ever-evolving processes to ensure the avant-garde experiences that users love and companies are proud of.

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