Market-Regulated Data Analysis

Complying with federal and state laws, Fyllo provides solutions for highly regulated industries through powerful and omnichannel databases.

Services: Product Development
Providing a solid structure for a Regulatory Solutions venture.

Fyllo offers marketing solutions for different ventures, like data marketplaces and omnichannel advertising. It also handles regulation solutions for industries like cannabis and cryptocurrency.


The venture’s impact relies on its ability to reach, engage, and retain customers, enhancing businesses’ online and offline KPIs with first-class and enterprise-grade data.


Capicua collaborated with Fyllo to create a robust structure to organize, analyze, and report data for its multiple clients in a clean, fast, and easy-to-use environment.


Fyllo focuses on providing integrated marketing and regulation solutions for businesses, with a result-oriented approach and providing advanced-guard structures and data management.


The company focuses on offering 360 marketing solutions, including clients on the Fortune 500 within its portfolio. Companies can find each service or product's most relevant niches or audiences with its data marketplace. It also enhances identifying appropriate moments through customer journeys and translates these into conversion opportunities.

Yet, its most distinctive edge is its regulatory solutions. Fyllo has a tremendous legal and social knowledge of highly-regulated industries, allowing for growth opportunities while supported by the law. In this scenario, the sectors that highlight the most are cannabis, cryptocurrency, and short-term rental. Fyllo creates data-driven strategies within these specific and ever-changing areas to enable growth and maintain compliance. 


The company has gone through different leaderships since its foundation. Furthermore, its business model suffered after regulatory laws in the USA prohibited advertising products like cannabis. With worldwide leaders involved, the challenges related to cultural affinity when Capicua took a significant role in searching for consensus.


With the mentioned cultural diversity, there were also multiple views on how to build the structure from scratch. We handled the steps and processes to enter providers’ data and add newer data as it came. Our team developed the workflow for managing these amounts of data. In sum, we created an internal language for all parties to handle enormous amounts of data and its several purposes. 


Capicua’s team relies on both Typescript and Node.js to build the structure’s layout. Yet, for data management, perhaps the most crucial part of this project, we combined PostgreSQL and MySQL to ensure proper data flow and analysis. We added MaterialUI to the platform to enhance data visualization so all parties could see and comprehend all data.

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