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HelloFund: Reachable Fundraising

Reachable Fundraising


HelloFund offers a secure and accessible platform for people and organizations to reach fundraising and help communities achieve their goals’ best potential.


Reachable Fundraising

HelloFund offers a secure and accessible platform for people and organizations to reach fundraising and help communities achieve their goals’ best potential.


HelloFund offers a safe fundraising platform for different organizations and ventures. It also provides different auction systems through customizable software.


The platform's most significant impact is its platform fee. Its users cover 92% of fee goals on average. This percentage includes the credit cards’ processing rate. It also has unique plans for people or ventures who collect over $7,500 per month.


Our services were focused on providing a satisfactory experience. This encompassed from the platform’s code to its multiple users’ interactions.

HelloFund: Reachable Fundraising


HelloFund’s goal is to transform the way people fundraise. It offers a wide variety of options to achieve fees in customizable ways.


The venture was born in Austin, Texas. Its core vision is the idea of easing fundraising for both people and communities. Within its process, there are four easy steps. Its first step is the creation of the fundraising page itself. Its features include customizable images, descriptions, help texts, donations, and URLs. The second step relates to connecting the page with a payment platform. In the case of HelloFund, the platform is Stripe.

When the page is ready to lunch, its third step encompasses divulgation. Besides providing customizable links, it has many other ways to share fundraisings. For example, these go from Blog Posts to Instagram Stories or Pinterest Pins. Also, HelloFund has its own Marketing Guide. Inhere, people can learn how to promote their campaigns on social media or by email marketing.

Last but not least, there’s measurement as the fourth step. With these, raisers can keep track of performance analytics and financial reports. This helps people to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their projects.

HelloFund has an amazing blog that helps its community raise and donate. In its articles are tips, data, and achieved goals of its different campaigns. Also, it offers several methods to collect funds rather than mere transferences. It hosts various events that allow to create engagement and raise final numbers. For instance, it has silent auctions, live auctions, and raffles. Also, it provides guarantees to make full-mobile bidding and donations via text message. Other available methods include ticketing, sponsorship, and paddle-ups.


Our technical challenges had two edges. On the one hand, there was to handle confidential information safely. This came relevant with the amount of data and payment platforms connected. On the other, there was the need to improve its user experience. The pages had troubles, such as reloading or redirecting with each action. These issues had a connection with the page's development in PHP. So, our challenge was to apply a tech stack that would achieve a successful experience for all users.

HelloFund: Reachable Fundraising


We applied JavaScript as the core language of the platform. Then, we choose NextJS as its main framework. Finally, we handled the database with GraphQL. We fulfilled the requested needs with these techs and achieved a high-quality platform.


The project arrived at Capicua, intending to upgrade an existing project. We then analyze the platform, its users’ needs, and the singularities of its field. After severe scrutiny, we proposed a core redesign of the platform. With this, not only did we achieve better results. Also, upgrading and iterating the future versions of the platform would be more straightforward.

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