Smart Hub for NFTs Trading

Kryptonite leverages Web3’s decentralization to provide smarter, safer, and more transparent trades for all users in the Web3 NFT trading community.

UI/UX Design and Full-Cycle Product Development
Branding, UI/UX App Design, Product Discovery, and Product Development

Kryptonite allows users to have transparent and safe NFT trading experiences while interacting with others. To foster this idea, its community features include a News section where users access all needed information for easier Web3-based e-commerce exchanges.


The hub rises as Web3’s most neutral and transparent space, fostering community and sharing trends for curious and professional-level analysts alike. Kryptonite users can engage in all e-commerce transactions, whether buying or selling NFTs, while communicating with friends to share info and analyze trades.


Capicua started the partnership with Kryptonite by covering all design-based aspects, from Branding and Product Discovery to UI/UX for its app and landing page. We further moved on to the Product Development stage for its launch to beta users.


The core goal behind Kryptonite is to be the one-stop shop to learn and participate in communities under the curiosity and knowledge of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Web3.


Kryptonite was created by entrepreneurs, marketers, and a development team specialized in building Web3-based solutions. The subscription-based platform offers several tiers for users, including checking out, analyzing, and transparently trading NFT projects.


Our team's main challenge was to dive into the Web3 and crypto world in a way that real final users would relate to. Another key challenge involved ensuring smooth transactions in the context of an NFT-based ecommerce, including information and gateways. We also needed to find the best possible approach to harness third-party APIs without leading to higher costs for final users.


In development terms, we relied on AWS and Hasura as the GraphQL engine to link the application with the database. Further, we combined Next.js for the front end and Node.js for the back end, with Apollo GraphQL for the sign-up and login microservice and Bitbucket as the repository management tool.

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