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Keep eases bank-related activities with both its debit card and higher credit limits to users and businesses alike, changing the Canadian banking system.

Product Development
Creating a successful platform for users to access higher credit limits.

Keep is a Canadian FinTech company. It provides its own MasterCard card and enhances the possibility for users and businesses alike to access higher credit limits.


Understanding its country’s banking regulations was key for Keep’s impact, not only giving customers high cashback rewards but also not affecting personal credit scores. 


Capicua rose Keep’s development structure from scratch. This process involved critical thinking, efficient pipeline management, and software architecture.


Keep’s goal was to create opportunities for users and businesses to access higher credits and cashback rewards within the Canadian central banking system.


While being a FinTech product, one of our biggest challenges was its safety and protection. We needed to enrich a safe atmosphere for users to handle monetary transactions. Yet also, among the requirements, there was speed and robustness. The whole spirit of the project revolved around creating a unicorn. Hence, we needed to be careful regarding steps, processes, tech stacks, and solutions. 


Our strategy started with the freedom given by Keep to create a solid product. Further, there was complete trust in Capicua’s process to develop something strong. This approach allowed work further into production and created a successful product by 2022’s 3Q. As for 2023, the product is stable, profitable, and active. While it's growing, the next goal is to scale it into a more bank-related fintech product.


Capicua’s team combined React.js, Node.js, and Typescript to achieve the most solid platform possible.

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