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Companies are constantly fighting to keep up with unprecedented changes while staying true to their core values—and it's not easy. Ventures base their human resources investment on their target digital products, processes and individuals' know-how within their roster. Yet, real life doesn't always go as planned.

Due to this, companies may face different issues and further drift into uncertainty during periods of need. That's why Capicua succeeded by operating under a managed capacity model with staff for the specific functions and techs your project needs.

Managed IT Services

Capicua has successfully built and managed brand products, from startups to enterprise-grade companies, with a global reach and for over a decade. Several A-list companies trust us as core product builders, services admins, and UX designers with deep-level knowledge for full-cycle development. Core to our values, we achieve long-term partnerships by relying on transparency, flexibility, and consistency, contributing to multiple projects across various disciplines.

We have built a unique reputation, being on FT's Americas' Fastest Growing Companies for three years in a row and among Clutch’s top #30 B2B Custom LatAm Software Development companies. We are the only ones in the top #15 from under 50 developers!
As an Enterprise-grade full-cycle development company, we've got the expertise you need. We always strive for professionalism, extensibility, and maintainability. Because of this, we are able to build robust products that can grow alongside your business needs.
To work together effectively, all parties must understand that humans are at the center of every project. We believe all collaborators are key to delivering high-value projects. In consequence, not only do we achieve top-notch developed products but also great experiences.
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Capicua succeeds as one of the leading Product Design and Software Development companies in New York. We answer business challenges with user-based, visually stunning, and top-notch technological solutions. Looking to shape the future? Get in touch!
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Email: info@wearecapicua.com
Address: 1133 Broadway, New York City, NY 10010
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