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KÜHL offers a high-quality eCommerce experience. Since our first encounter, we have taken care of its marketing, UX, and graphic design.

Web Marketing, Design & Development
UX and brand design, and data management

KÜHL is a Utah-based company established in 1990 by a group of outdoor sports enthusiasts. It offers high-quality hiking pants, shorts, performance shirts, outerwear, and outdoor clothing.


The company works with different hiking-related items. These include articulated knees, gussets, stretch panels, and reinforced pockets. Its differential factor is their products' durability and long life. As a result, its clothes keep up with its users' lifestyles.


KÜHL was looking for a team with web design expertise to achieve its best results. Moreover, it needed assistance in designing materials, like email marketing campaigns. Since then, we have played an essential role in KUHL’s eCommerce and its aesthetics and branding.


The main goal was to update its vision with high-tech and branding.


The brand’s story started in 1990. It rises from a group of outdoor sports enthusiasts in Wasatch Mountains, Utah. The challenging conditions taught them that independence could thrive with courage and humility. KÜHL does not have any shareholders or VC investors. Yet, its owners take this as a high advantage.

Moreover, it has no private equity, paid celebrities, or athletes. The venture believes its livelihood lies in its product satisfaction. So, it considers its clients are its biggest asset. In consequence, KÜHL defines itself as an independent brand.


From the start, our dare was to redesign its website to achieve better results. Furthermore, the venture needed new branding on its promotional materials. So, our main challenge was to improve its UX while remaining faithful to its origins and story.

Worth Mentioning

In our first approach, we develop an excellent relationship with KÜHL. Because of this, we keep participating in its campaigns. This participation includes maintaining its site and creating its marketing pieces. Nowadays, after COVID hit, KÜHL has an 80% rate of online sales. We’re the team that leads its eCommerce and digital marketing strategies.


We developed KUHL’s website through Elegant Theme’s Divi for WordPress. With it, we delivered a fantastic store while improving its on-page experience. About the UX design, we went with Figma, given its adaptability and its many components.


We accomplished a solid rebranding for KÜHL platforms. As a result, it has a cleaner and more contemporary look and feel. Its new site features a straightforward interface with mobile responsiveness. The proposal includes a renewed homepage, product pages, and checkout pages. Nowadays, users interact more with the site via blog articles. Also, we provided a set of templates for email blasts, with different formats and creative choices. Through this process, we constantly collaborate on content and stock with its team.

Given that the brand has a specific audience, we followed its style guidelines in every project. Specifically, its audience is interested in high-quality products with bold and polished aesthetics. Keeping this in mind, we cared to provide the right look and feel for its core customer. Due to our quick and excellent work, KÜHL continuously keeps seeking us out for new projects.

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