Operational Efficiency

With APX, aesthetic practice professionals can now access an incredible educational platform to improve their productivity and profitability.




Full Stack Development & Experience


Promoting an advanced-guard platform for dedicated services


APX is a cloud solution created to increase profitability and employee productivity.


The APX Platform is a one-of-a-kind cloud solution. It increases the profitability and employee productivity of aesthetic practices. To do so, it translates raw data into actionable KPIs and insights.


Capicua provided complete services in its partnership with APX. This encompassed full-stack development and UX-focused design to create satisfactory experiences.


APX aims to provide an all-in-one educational space for aesthetic practice owners.


Terri Ross, a renowned industry consultant, founded the APX Platform in 2021. The venture reunites over 30 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. Further, it offers on-demand solutions that include training, analytical calculators, and KPI reports. As a business, APX was born due to COVID. Among its reasons were staff turnover and the lack of training of newly-hired staff. So, it offers sales and financial training to achieve profitability and operational efficiency. The platform rises as a solution for the future success of aesthetic practices. For this, they rely on moving onto a data-driven business.

Its business offer has three main topics: Training, Analytics, and Community. The Training area offers on-demand business courses focused on productivity and profitability. Moreover, the Analytics edge provides financial calculators and intelligent dashboards. And, its Community brings professionals together through mentoring and coaching.


With the vast proposal received, our team faced many challenges. We needed to understand the core of its business to achieve satisfactory solutions. Also, we needed to develop a robust yet light structure to meet the platform’s needs.



We combined React on the front-end to develop the platform and NestJS on the back-end. Further, we hosted it on AWS and chose PostgreSQL as its Database Management Software. For the employee's training, we lied on the Coassemble integration. Its Corporate eLearning provides a comfortable, educational environment. Moreover, with Boldbi, we could embed analytics and business intelligence. Also, on business applications, we went with Caspio's solutions. Its level of customization allowed us to create a unique solution for APX. For design, we relied on Figma's incredible adaptability and attention to detail.

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