Enterprise Cloud Services

With a solid system architecture, Univa enhances businesses to track, measure, and make data decisions that save both time and money for all its users.




UX/UI Design


Providing a solid experience for a cloud-based B2B company.


Univa is a German venture that helps companies converge their cloud services into one place.


Most of Univa’s impact relates to its easiness of tracking all companies’ services together, saving time and money for businesses.


Univa needed a front-end dashboard built on top of its application back-end. We coordinated the dashboard's development with their design and development team.


Univa’s goal was to create a friendly interface with appealing visuals showing all the needed info about costs and expenses to have more control over prices when making decisions.


Now acquired by Altair, Univa was responsible for creating NavOps, a cloud automation platform. Its primary purpose was to enhance HPC (high-performance computing) workloads for businesses. This transition resulted in a 30-40% cost reduction. Further, it focuses on giving enterprise users complete control over cloud-spend.


Given that Univa already had a solid back-end, our main challenge was to develop a front end up to its expectations. Based on sound usability principles, we needed to create an interface combining optimal performance, stability, and visual appeal. This edge was especially relevant considering its vast data, complex graphics handling, and process automation. 



From the start, we focused on creating a responsive front end that eases users' access to whole batches of information in a simple yet complete manner. The platform had many processes in terms of infrastructure and different user access. Hence, our highlight was on creating easy-to-use interfaces giving complete control to each type of user.


Univa’s dashboards had many graphs and charts. For it, we relied on Highcharts, a JavaScript charting library that quickly and efficiently incorporated quality charts. For API Management, our team trusted GraphQL’s robust system to enhance customized queries. Yet, we developed a custom REST API for saved data that required front-end returns. Another related tech solution was data standardization. Data often came from different time zones, so we needed to provide a standard before displaying it. Regarding front-end development, we primarily relied on React and Redux’s combination to ensure an understandable interface.

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