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BSA: Tech for Daily Problems

Tech for Daily Problems

UX/UI Design

BSA offers an advanced-guard solution to ease daily driving. Its blind-spot alerts help reduce potential uncomfortable or dangerous situations.

UX/UI Design

Tech for Daily Problems

BSA offers an advanced-guard solution to ease daily driving. Its blind-spot alerts help reduce potential uncomfortable or dangerous situations.


BSA offers wireless blind spot alert systems for cars. Its stand-alone devices get installed on the vehicle’s mirrors. Also, they provide flashing LED warning lights to alert when cars, people, or objects are in a car’s blind spot.


Its impact gets related to applying engineering knowledge to prevent car accidents. Moreover, since it goes adhered to side mirrors, it’s compatible with any car.


We partnered up with BSA to develop its product's branding and user experience. Further, we created an ecosystem for customers to purchase it and receive newsletters.

BSA: Tech for Daily Problems


BSA’s goal is to develop wireless and smart sensors. These assist drivers while also minimizing accident possibilities.


BSA is a kickstart created in San Francisco. Its blind-spot alert results from over three years of tech research and development. The venture's team has software, mechanical, and electronic engineers. Further, they aim to combine tech and innovation to solve common-day problems.

The blind-spot alert has radio and radar sensors. What's more, it has LED alerts to warn drivers of anything in their blind spot radio. If the car moves toward the object, the accelerometer will trigger a second warning. With this, it helps protect from uncomfortable or dangerous situations. To complete BSA's proposal, it's easily installable and comes with a rechargeable battery.

The system has an advanced-guard tech to guarantee outstanding results. Not only does it include a Radio Frequency Sensor and an Accelerometer. Also, it has an ultra-low voltage microprocessor and RF absorbers. On the other side, the project has a “Proyecto ANII Government Grant, and it’s Arrow Certificated. Furthermore, it’s a member of the Rabbit Hardware Accelerator Program.


Our challenges were mainly related to BSA’s features. We needed to show its tech capabilities and purchasing methods. Also, we needed to highlight the venture’s strengths. This way, we'd promote the solution’s holistic vision.

BSA: Tech for Daily Problems


We develop the look & feel with Figma. Within our proposal, there were both high-tech color pallets and understandable interfaces. This way, all the aspects of the venture’s products were shown correctly. Among these, we included a FAQ and a Contact section. We developed the whole landing page using the Divi Builder for Wordpress.

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