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Direct Admits

Direct Admits: Updating Admissions

Top-Notch Admissions Processes

UX/UI Design

Direct Admits eases work for all parties involved in hospital admissions, automating manual processes with a powerful platform to prioritize human healthcare.

UX/UI Design

Top-Notch Admissions Processes

Direct Admits eases work for all parties involved in hospital admissions, automating manual processes with a powerful platform to prioritize human healthcare.


Direct Admits presents an easy solution to ​​streamline direct admission processes through the US medical system.


Its impact has two leading edges. On one side, it improves the care quality for patients. On the other, it provides easy mechanisms for different parties in one only app.


We performed UI/UX design services to get a superb experience for everyone involved.

Direct Admits: Updating Admissions


The biggest goal of Direct Admits is to systematize and create faster medical admission procedures. It also looks to revolutionize the follow-up process for patients and physicians.


The app’s creation is the result of Dr. Mohan Gadam's experience. With his long path as a Family Medicine Specialist, he knew by hand the admissions process. His eye-opening came when working in rural and critical care access hospitals. In consequence, he understood the negative impact that manually-coordinating transfers had.

The platform has users type for lots of parties involved in the admission process. Some include Hospitals & Hospitalists, Urgent Care Centers & Free Standing ERs. Yet, it also takes care of Rural Hospitals, Providers, and Sub-Specialists. Further, it has unique profiles for Health Insurance Companies. And, what’s more important, it also contemplates patients. Its steps are pretty simple. Its three-stage process includes Requests, Reception, and Approval of Hospital Admissions.


With the app already built, our challenges were more concentrated. Yet, we needed to perform a successful platform for all users. That’s why technical challenges included that the interface was accessible and understandable for all parties. Also, we needed to enable the possibility of ordering a demo request and contacting the DA’s staff.

Direct Admits: Updating Admissions


We perform the whole user journey through Figma. Our team made wireframes for Direct Admits’ Home, About, and Contact pages, among others. Further, we took this model to desktop and mobile versions to guarantee responsiveness. We elaborated a Style Guide to maintain unity across the platform’s site. This guide included its header, footers, and inputs. Moreover, we ensured to create guidelines for buttons both on default and on hover.

Regarding its palette, we relied on the known relationship between medical services and the color blue. To this, we added specific touch of the same tone of orange that encompasses its logo. All these elements combined result in a UX-friendly site for all its users.

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