Successful Business Engines

Entresoft improves the marketing funnel’s game with its business suite. The venture provides a complete platform with low final costs for its partners.




UX/UI Experience & Design


Developing an advanced-guard product page for its service suite


Entresoft offers a robust platform fur businesses to handle their data. It provides a full suite of tools to make building businesses simple.


The venture’s impact lies in its wide variety of products and services. These go from Email and SMS campaign builders to free and paid business courses and memberships.


We partnered up with Entresoft to present the venture’s features concisely.

Entresoft - Successful Business Engines


Entresoft’s primary goal is to help build business engines. To do so, it offers tools and resources for its three-step process. These steps are Capture, Nurture, and Close.


The company, located in Las Vegas, aims to provide a software pack to please business needs. One of its highlights is its simplicity in decision-making. That’s why it offers a plan called Agency Pro Account. Yet, it also has customizable plans available. Among its offered tools, it has a broad spectrum. As mentioned, these lie under the company’s Capture, Nurture, and Close process. 

When it comes to Capturing, it starts with its Websites and Sales Funnel Builder. A remarkable highlight is that it offers easy drag-and-drop templates. As a result, businesses can easily maintain their websites. Other features include its drag-and-drop surveys and forms and its online appointment schedule. Yet, the platform takes special care in the Nurturing stage. According to Entresoft, the real power comes with the possibilities after capturing leads. That’s why it offers engaging users in follow-up and multi-channel campaigns. Also, its dashboards allow businesses to communicate with their leads efficiently.

Furthermore, it offers message customization through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning processes. And, at the Closing step, its CRM and pipeline tools allow deep prospect tracking. To achieve this, it offers visual workflows and complete analytics. Moreover, it provides the structure for businesses to offer free or paid courses and memberships to their current or potential users. In this sense, it has a Stripe integration to collect payments. Also, Entresoft is working on a partnership with Zapier integrations app.

An impressive differential of the venture is its reduced costs. Not only does it provide a whole stack of tools to achieve business results. Moreover, it allows its users to save up to 80% of costs. The math behind this is quite simple. At different stages of the business funnels, other platforms are needed. Yet, paying each of those individuals can be really expensive. Adding these individual platforms' costs come near $1,300 per month. But, Entresoft offers the same stack at under $300.


With its many tools and benefits, the service’s presentation was a huge challenge. We needed to provide professional yet understandable descriptions of its resources. As a further step, we also focused on providing methods for successful registers and entresoft login and signup.

Entresoft - Successful Business Engines



We handled the project with Wordpress and its Divi Builder. This allowed us to create UX- friendly login and sign-up options. Moreover, we made these options for its different users. This comes relevant with the current invite-only access to Entresoft Suite.  In UX-design-related terms, we handled the workflow with Figma. With it, we designed proper wireframes to achieve a clean and easy-to-understand platform.

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