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Cogsworth: Smart Scheduling

Smart Scheduling


With WFH and global communications, smart scheduling is relevant daily. In this context, Cogsworth provides a complete solution for teams and businesses.


Smart Scheduling

With WFH and global communications, smart scheduling is relevant daily. In this context, Cogsworth provides a complete solution for teams and businesses.


Cogsworth is an Australian venture specializing in intelligent scheduling. Among its offers, they provide an innovative booking system. Through it, businesses can wrangle many calendars, locations, and timezones.


The business' impact relies on its many functions. Further, companies of the caliber of Audi and Ella Baché choose its services.


Our services had a massive focus on refactoring its code and correcting previous bugs. As a result, the final goal of our alliance got two highlights. First, we stabilized its website. After that, we upgraded the features of its mobile app services. As for 2Q, 2022, we've been working with Cogsworth for over a year.

Cogsworth: Smart Scheduling


Cogsworth’s goal is to provide an upgraded scheduling experience. This applies to internal and B2B communications. Further, the venture puts particular emphasis on efficiency. It presents itself as the most efficient scheduling platform for time and money.


The platform was born after analyzing the many disadvantages of similar services. That impulsed Cogsworth to create a top-tier experience for people across the world. Not only does it have a robust system itself. Also, it can sync with services such as Google, Apple, or Outlook calendars. Another highlight of the platform is its ability to gather data. With this feature, scheduling also becomes a lead-generation mechanism. Moreover, it allows users to create custom emails and SMS reminders. This feature aims to reduce no-shows at scheduled meetings.


The client requested a complete upgrade on its brand experience. This upgrade included a cleaner version of its code and a visual identity redesign. Furthermore, Cogsworth required solutions to expand its market. Another huge challenge was to align the website’s solutions with the mobile app’s ones. As a result, users and businesses could get a complete experience no matter their device.

Cogsworth: Smart Scheduling

Worth Mentioning

The platform has won numerous recognitions throughout its history. For instance, it's the Top-Rated by User Reviews on SourceForge. Also, it's one of the Top-Rated Appointment Scheduling Software on SoftwareWorld.


In the Development area, we translated the code to Typescript. With it, we added RedUX to the equation to get better-organized areas. These applied to the visual aesthetics, controllers, and API calls. Along with this, we performed unit tests to avoid new bugs and fix existing ones. We matched that with a clean look and feel, aligned with the brand values and perspective. To do this, we professionalized the UX process with Figma. Nowadays, the website provides a complete experience. Besides, the app is available both in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. Both apps have a tending-to-zero percent of errors and improved performance.


Since this was a complete make-over, our team had to pay attention to many different edges of the platform. We performed deep market research to understand the industry’s must-haves. Also, we deepened our understanding of what people were looking for.

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