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FaceMyDoc: 21st-Century Healthcare

21st-Century Healthcare


FaceMyDoc connects users and patients with specialized health professionals through America via an advanced guard and safety-dedicated platform.


21st-Century Healthcare

FaceMyDoc connects users and patients with specialized health professionals through America via an advanced guard and safety-dedicated platform.


FaceMyDoc connects patients with specialized health professionals through America. With it, users can choose certified experts via several filters. These include city and state, medical specialty, and medical insurance possibilities.


The platform is leading the path of videocall medical appointments. For instance, it started connecting doctors and patients with technology before COVID-19 appeared. With new conjuncture, the venture stepped up its game. As a result, it continues to offer secure consulting, diagnosis, and follow-ups.


Societies have been living profound medical and cultural changes through pandemic times. Given this, we partnered up with FaceMyDoc to upgrade its services. Also, we aimed to guarantee accessibility and UX-friendly experiences for all patients.

FaceMyDoc: 21st-Century Healthcare


FaceMyDoc has the goal of offering virtual communications between doctors and patients. Among this goal, the venture highlights both security and accessibility for both parties.


The platform emerges from combining services for both patients and health professionals. Among its strengths, it does a fantastic job combining flexibility and income earnings. Also, it provides an advanced-guard environment for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals. This includes on-demand services, virtual extensions for existing patients, and P2P technology. Further, it lets professionals create Virtual Clinics with its Practice-In-A-Box solution.

As a business, FaceMyDoc mixes the best parts of an Independent Physician Association & Managed Service Organization into a single platform. Moreover, it provides telehealth software and lead and content marketing tools. As a result, it helps providers attract and develop personal brands over social media. Among other features, that’s why it’s the fastest-growing telehealth provider network in the U.S.


The venture started offering virtual appointment services far before COVID-19. Yet, the pandemic arrival created a logical change in its development and strategy. As a result, a considerable challenge was to give high-quality services to an increasing number of users. Another highlight was to provide both parties with tools for all possible scenarios. This encompassed location filters to malpractice coverage, including insurance benefits and possibilities.

In structural terms, we also had the challenge of creating an admin role for FaceMyDoc's team. The client requested this to assure the platform's maintainability on a business level. Those would allow fixing any technical problems efficiently. Finally, a constant priority was to ensure all medical data's confidentiality. This applied both to patients' privacy and health regulations.

FaceMyDoc: 21st-Century Healthcare


To achieve advanced-guard results, we combined ReactJS and NodeJS frameworks. To NodeJS, we added NextJS since Next has its back-end. As a result, we accomplished a faster development process that allows us to change and upgrade code. Since this platform needed to work clockwise, we chose wisely for advance-guard integrations that work well together. To do so, we combined TokBox for video calls with Atlantic’s HIPPA Compliant to handle electronically protected health information. Also, we connected FaceMyDoc with Cogsworth’s scheduling system. With this, both doctors and appointments must exist on both platforms.

As a consequence, not only do we guarantee transparent arrangements for both parties. Also, we assure secure and confidential protocols to protect identities and medical procedures. As a part of our next iteration, we’re adding Jotform to confirm fields on new users’ forms.


A considerable part of our strategy is related to usability. We always thought about creating a friendly and understandable platform for all its different audiences. Along with the latter, we worked hard on achieving high-quality solutions for each edge of its services. These encompassed video call services and the protection of data.

On the other hand, we needed to create an organized platform. This organization gains relevance when considering the amount of information there is. We also acknowledge from scratch that we were dealing with medical records and delicate information. So, we took care of its high confidentiality level through every step.

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