Common Ground

Community Building

Common Ground aims to build community by putting food at the center of the conversation. Its marketplace proposal included a high focus on sustainability.

Common Ground
Common Ground
Design Experience
Creating a functional yet satisfactory experience for a sustainability-focused marketplace.

Common Ground offers a marketplace focused on food systems. Among its proposal, it provides a safe environment for do-ers, thinkers, and changemakers.


Not only does it have an impact on its marketplace possibilities. Further, it promotes a global shift towards regenerative systems, local consumption, and sustainability.


The focus of our joint work with Common Ground focused on building its ecosystem. Not only did we were in charge of developing the marketplace itself. Also, we were responsible for creating a pleasant experience for all its users.


Common Ground rises as a platform to create connections through food. Its core value lies in the age-old food traditions to bring the community on people with different backgrounds.


The platform rose on the north shore of the Hawaiian city of Kauai. It unites art, technology, world-class thinkers, and thought-provoking events. As a result, it aims to change the future of food and society. Further, it applies the power of food to heal, sustain, and innovate for mutual support.

Food may be the draw, yet building community is Common Ground’s scope. It connects rich, vital, and diverse communities. Further, the platform takes root in sites of stunning beauty and unique history. It has a remarkable vision of shaping human projects harmoniously with the environment. Also, it taps into unique natural ecologies to concrete that vision.


The technical challenges for our team were diverse. To start, we needed to create an interface that met the platform's values. Also, we wanted to provide a fantastic experience for customers, sellers, and communities in general. Further, a tech challenge was guaranteeing successful exchanges through a robust tech stack.


To guarantee a light-code platform, we used Gatsby as our main framework to secure a light-code platform. To it, we added Prismic’s headless CMS to ensure a correct Jamstack layout. We assured the site’s security and performance with reusable components. In terms of style, we applied the Emotion CSS + JavaScript library. Also, we incorporated Shopify’s eCommerce solutions. With this stack, we assured a supreme experience and development.

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