The Self-Knowledge Journey

NGA offers a platform with a clean and motivating environment for anyone aiming to start a self-knowledge journey.




UI Development & Design


Development and Design of the whole platform, aligned with the brand's values


The Acton School of Business created Next Great Adventure (NGA). Its mission is to provide users with methods for improving their self-knowledge. Furthermore, it offers challenges and quests that help them to set long-term goals.


The platform has a clear understanding of the variables that contribute to achieving better self-knowledge. It connects these with guided journeys to achieve tangible long-term goals in rewarding ways for users.


Acton contacted Capicua to develop its whole UI/UX for its website and app. Besides, it needed to align its core values with challenges and self-improvement searches.


NGA’s primary goal is to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. Additionally, it aims to provide users with more substantial answers to the question, "What should I do next?".


> "You’ll emerge motivated for the future with an updated perspective on life."

The concept of NGA was born at Acton School of Business. With over 15 years of experience, Acton’s method relies on a never-give-up attitude for its student body. In addition, it teaches through facing students about the fundamental questions that entrepreneurs face every day. Successful entrepreneurs give courses.

This approach points to providing skills to overcome real-life trials and triumphs. To expand its vision, it created the NGA’s platform. This platform offers a six-week journey with experiences, conversations, and assessments. Within it, users get direct feedback and advice from Acton mentors.


Capicua’s main challenge was to create a clean and understandable way to show the platform’s process. To do so, we created a structure that starts with quests containing weeks. Every week, there are challenges, each with a line of steps.

Also, we faced the dare of creating their Applets. These are challenges with media elements, such as audio to listen to, texts to write, and photos to send. We had to build the structure in a UX-focused form, encouraging users to keep their processes. In sum, Capicua needed to create the perfect space for anyone looking to start a self-knowledge journey.


Worth Mentioning

We provided a user-friendly platform that allows users to track taken steps and further activities. As a result, Capicua created an embracing experience that eases the quests’ organization while motivating users.


We handled the project with Figma, developing the process along with the company. This tool allowed us to create the clean look and feel the venture wanted for their product.

We took into account that each platform’s challenge is different. Furthermore, these require that users do unique things and fill in specific info. Because of this, we created a line of templates that includes all types and categories. To do so, we aligned with NGA’s requests, reflecting the importance of the journey itself. Keeping this in mind, we leaned on a palette focused on black, blue, and yellow colors.

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