Content Creators’ Revolution

Showcast rises as a revolution for content creators: a fantastic platform to monetize content with a more significant ROI than TikTok.

Web & App Design & Development
Building an innovative platform for content creators

The platform Showcast allows content creators to make different events. Also, it lets them monetize their content to their way of preference.


Its most significant impact relies on a deep understanding of consumer and creators' product market fit processes.


We created a structure able to respond to current demands, both in users' consumption habits and creators' monetization.


The aim for Showcast was to improve the content creators’ situation. Furthermore, adapting it to the current conjuncture and economy.


Showcast rose in December 2020 to provide content creators with a platform to own their own spaces. Within the app, they can create a free account to get involved with their communities in any way. For instance, they can host talk shows, panels, masterclasses, and watch parties, among other features. A unique differential is that, unlike other platforms, creators can set their pay-per-view price per event. In this structure, the venue holds a percentage of ticket sales, meaning it only makes money when creators do.


To create showcast, our first step was studying content creators’ economic trends. Along with this, we researched not only tech advances but also the worldwide sanitary status. Furthermore, we created the site’s structure and its main concepts. On the other hand, we needed to develop the site structure’s main concepts: which formats and options would be available, how creators would engage with their audiences, and the payment options and methods. Our dare was to offer a safe environment for creators and subscribers.

Worth Mentioning

While it’s currently in its beta version, launched for a few content creators, it’s already proven to have better ROI for creators than worldwide platforms like TikTok.


We worked with React Native for the front-end and Node.JS for the back-end for a project with this many edges. Also, we combined MongoBD‘s database, MUX‘s video platform, and AWS notifications services. The team completed the product with Stripe‘s payments management.


We built a structure where creators can offer audiences shows composed of different events. In it, subscribers can choose single events or get an annual subscription with the whole channel’s content. Furthermore, the platform has live stream events with chats and notifications when creators upload new content. We released a beta version in April 2021 for creators in a controlled environment. Moreover, we developed an iOS app and a website to accompany and document the process.

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