International Remittances

Verde renovates the FinTech scenario by allowing users to perform international remittances with a fee-free and environment-friendly approach.

Product Discovery and Business Consultancy
Building a FinTech service for people to send and receive money worldwide with a fee-free approach.

Verde offers remittance services that enhance international wire transfers. The platform also provides its card and token, called VerdeCoin.


Its main impact relates to Verde covering the wire fees, so the money the sender wires is precisely what the receiver sees in their bank account. Further, it has no carbon print emissions, offering a pro-environment approach to digital payments and wires.


Capicua partnered with Verde to provide Product Discovery and Business Consultancy to translate their idea into a tangible yet profitable business.


VERDE’s goal was to provide an alternative solution in an economic scenario where it was difficult to guarantee no-fees transactions. 


VERDE was born under the idea that users should not have to pay fees when making remittance-related transactions. To decode the idea into a practical service, it uses cutting-edge blockchain tech to lower the costs of sending money.


The company already had developed a transactional system for its transactions and tokens. By making transactions, users generate tokens tradable for money. Hence, Capicua’s biggest challenge was to shape the idea. Through our Business Consultancy services, this concept encompassed creating its branding, landing page, and proof of concept.


We’re working with Verde to create new user flows that guarantee satisfactory user experiences. For it, we’re developing a new product, using Figma for the UX/UI design. On the other hand, we’re relying on React, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS for the front end and working with Node.js for the back end of the new project.

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