Improving Sports' Approaches

PrestoSports' platform offers a superb tech solution for athletes, sports organizations, and programs, with specialized marketing and statistics tools




Full Stack Development & Experience


Upgrading the platform's UX and Development Stack


PrestoSports offers a sport tech solutions for athletic organizations and sports programs. The company provides an expansive suite of software solutions to develop communities.


Not only does the company work with over 1,400 clients in this field. Furthermore, it has many current and former athletes on its team. As a result, it has a deep and comprehensive understanding of the sports environment.


PrestoSports and Capicua worked together on an upgraded version of the platform. A relevant highlight is its last upgrade was approximately 15 years ago, in 2022.

PrestoSports - Improving Sports' Approaches


The business’ goal is to present holistic solutions to elevating sports programs. 


The venture is a SaaS company that provides tech solutions to athletes and conference offices. Its most significant commitment is to helping sports parties nurture and grow communities. Since 2017, PrestSports has been part of Clubessential Holding and backed by Battery Ventures. Its robustness lies in its PrestoSports Super Suite, a comprehensive, integrated sports tech platform. It allows joint work and command across media and channels. Further, it has specialized tools for digital success.


Our team’s tech challenges were both related to its performance and appearance. Given the vast time since its first version, we needed an advanced-guard version. This upgrade included a more modern look and feel and edges like faster loading times.



Our first step was to develop the Super Suite. After that, we could take easy care of its different modules, like PrestoShots and PrestoStats. The latter focuses on providing relevant information during live events. Further, we took care of PrestoSports’ CMS to ensure uniform central control of the platform.


The original languages of this project were JPS and Java for the front and back ends, respectively. When we took the lead, we developed the front end in React using Node.JS for the back end. With this combination, we achieved a lighter, faster, and more adapted to the current times platform.

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