Community Data Analysis

With data analysis, Metopio creates insights for businesses to understand their communities better through an intuitive interface and experience.

UX Product Development
Develop a UX-focused Product Design to upgrade the venture’s capabilities

Metopio is a platform specialized in generating insights through public-access data.


Its primary impact relates to exploring places and populations to achieve action plans. This data comes especially relevant within the field of healthcare.


Capicua acts as Metopio’s UX-driven Design team. As a result, we guarantee satisfactory experiences for the venture’s associates.


The venture aims to tell stories through easy visualizations and powerful analytics.


The name metopio comes from combining two Greek words: μετά and τόπος. Translated to English, it’s the sum of beyond and place_ As its name tells, it aims to take a step forward in the knowledge of areas and people for responsible purposes.

Currently, Metopio has two main products: Atlas and Analytics. The first one provides a better understanding of communities. With data and analytics, it helps organizations to understand their industries’ audiences. On the other hand, there’s its Analytics platform. Through this tool, companies can add value to their workflows. Further, it sets the measurable context for actionable insights. As a result of both products, businesses can tell data-driven yet compelling stories.


Since it never had a UI/UX area, Metopio’s main challenge was its UX Product Development. This lack of specialty came relevant in practical terms. Often, products with no UX from scratch gain complexity at the riskof losing user experience. With more functionalities usually comes less usability. As a result, these products tend to lose value since they become unhelpful for final consumers.

To Capicua, the challenge was to bring sense and clarity to the product. One of our primary concerns was that it had less hand-holding for new users’ onboarding. Furthermore, we had the dare to develop the product’s value proposition.


We first conducted deep research to get a better knowledge of the product and its users. This research included competitors and strengths but was mainly focused on user research. With this information, we run a design sprint with Metopio’s team. After that, we reformulated the whole product. As a result, it now reflects its value, purpose, and uses. All of this in simple and intuitive ways for clients to focus on data strategy.

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