Smarter Driving

We’ve been working with Agero to upgrade the driving assistance panorama, and giving customers, providers and collaborators a complete experience.

Full-Stack Development (with focus on Front-End Development and User Experience).
Creating a functional and user-friendly platform for over 110M drivers and 8K service providers.

Agero is leading the digitalization of driver assistance services on a massive scale. Among its priorities lies safeguarding consumers on the road. To achieve this, they blend platform intelligence with human-powered solutions.


The venture offers services for over 115M drivers per year. Also, it has a great network with 8.000+ contracted preferred service providers. What’s more, 10 out of 15 top insurance carriers choose Agero’s services.


Agero contacted Capicua in 2021, looking for seniority and scalability. With this, they aimed to develop a trustworthy Full-Stack Development. This applied to both types of users and for achieving top-tier functionalities.


The goal was to upgrade the business platform. As a result, each type of client could access a complete experience. We’ve been working with the venture since 2021. Within this process, we are constantly striving for constant stack improvements.


While Agero as a brand has been around since 2011, the company’s history is much longer. In 1972, Cross Country Motor Club (CCMC) began selling motor clubs in the Boston region. Over 16 years later, in 1988, it won “The Call Center of the Year Award for Excellence.” This was a huge step, as this award recognized the quality of its services. It wasn’t until 2008 that they acquired ATX Group, an essential provider of connected vehicle services. Three years later, the two services got blended under the brand Agero.

The venture hasn’t stopped there. Recently, Agero acquired Swoop, an automated dispatching platform, and Road America Motor Club. Not only do these acquisitions prove its compromise with its services. Also, they show a deep understanding of industry-related changes and take towards-the-future actions.


Not only does Agero offer many services, but it also has different types of clients for each of them. Among its solutions, there are roadside assistance, dispatch management, and tow management software. Others include consumer affairs, recall, and industrial solutions. All these apply to final customers, automakers, and repair facilities.

Further, these involve fleets, insurance and assistance companies, and service providers. We needed to build a high-function platform with this amount of services and profiles. On top of that, it had to be able to encompass each need while giving smart and fast solutions. Agero’s philosophy relies on two pillars. While there's strengthening business, there are also creating stronger and lasting customer relationships.


The core techs for this project were React, GraphQL, and Styled Components. While React was fot the Front-End/UX branch, GraphQL served as powerful database software, which comes especially relevant with the number of profiles and solutions. Meanwhile, we relied on Styled Component to create an organized tag system, able to embrace all its different categories and spaces. To complete the final high-tech product, we also worked with Jest.JS, and combined it with React Native and Storybook.

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