AI-Based Venture Acceleration

Alta ML offers Venture Acceleration and Funding for businesses through the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

Full Stack Development & Experience
Achieving a trustworthy partnership for venture acceleration and funding.

AltaML is a venture accelerator and fund company.


Its main impact lies on the over 80 companies that trust the company to deliver 300+ use cases, including financial services, insurance, and healthcare.


AltaML needed a trustworthy and process-oriented partner—moreover, one who understood the speed and idiosyncrasy of the startup world.


Alta fosters relationships through the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. 


Alta rose from Canada, with offices in Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto. Among its purposes, it uses data to create powerful AI tools. These tools ease performance optimization and risk mitigation. The venture’s approach lies in understanding the complexity of digital transformation. That’s why it takes a collaborative approach to deliver value. That’s why Alta is scaling to become an undisputed leader in responsible AI.

The company has two main focuses: venture acceleration and venture funding. With venture acceleration, Alta provides cohort-based programs with mentorship and education. These processes end in a demo presentation to achieve financing. Yet, its most crucial edge lies in venture funding. This process manages investors’ funds for new businesses with growth potential. 

Additionally, Alta has a handover-takeover approach. Here, the handover starts in ordinary circumstances. As a consequence, there are usually no emergencies or conflicts between parties. Yet, the company also offers white glove services. Rather than just providing funds, Alta stays involved and takes care of each project under its wing.


Alta needed a partner who could offer a complete service. The venture couldn’t find a strong provider with a deep understanding of its business structure and logistics. Further, this downside included both Alta itself and its different projects. 

That’s when it found a business match with Capicua. For us, the challenge was to keep several projects within a unique account. Also, we aimed to keep everything inside its organized system. Alta trusted Capicua as a same-level partner to carry on its investments.


Nowadays, we’re working on product graduation of existing projects. When Alta achieves acceleration, it translates the projects to Capicua for further development. 

This process means we handle a comprehensive tech stack. Some of these include React, Node.JS, and Typescript. Further, we also take care of projects with Android and iOS developments. Another huge edge we take care of is the design of the projects. We meticulously follow UI/UX standards and trends to achieve top-notch products.

We have over a decade of experience delivering outstanding and profitable businesses, for several disruptive industries, with a hard-earned reputation and keeping a human-centered focus. Whether you're looking to move from an idea into a business or thinking of new iterations for your product, our UX-focused Custom Software Development company is here to help. Feel free to reach out, and let's shape the future together!
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