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Astropay: Better Safer Paying

Better-than-ever Safe Paying


With a disruptive scheme, AstroPay rose as a free wallet for both users and businesses, free to use and accepted on hundreds of international sites.


Better-than-ever Safe Paying

With a disruptive scheme, AstroPay rose as a free wallet for both users and businesses, free to use and accepted on hundreds of international sites.


AstroPay is a London-based payment processor that serves clients all over the world. A venture's highlight is its constant large amounts of documentation processes. That's because partner companies must go through a complete evaluation by banking regulators.


Its system has streamlined AstroPay's merchant approval process. For the product's next version, the company aims to automate further. This step includes direct integration with third parties that take part in approvals.


AstroPay needed a system to efficiently record, organize and process regulation documentation. Capicua built an easy-to-use UI to collect required info for banking regulators.

Astropay: Better Safer Paying

Astropay: Better Safer Paying


AstroPay’s main goal was to collect info for banking regulation in an easy way to use. The focus was on allowing users to pay and withdraw fast and efficiently worldwide.


AstroPay started its history in 2009 with its product, AstroPay Card. Since then, they have spread throughout Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Further, it has extensive experience managing the specificities of emerging markets. As a result, it offers efficient and reliable solutions for merchants and end users. They're a well-known global payment solution with offices in the UK and Latin America.


As a practical fintech, the main challenge was to create safe ways for users to operate online. Yet, it also needed to keep large amounts of records of banking regulators.

Astropay: Better Safer Paying


Capicua developed an easy-to-use UI, allowing AstroPay to collect all needed info. The company can create "cards," like forms, for merchants to fill out. Later, these can select templates from diverse categories and customize them. Personalization choices rely on the country of origin and applicable regulations.

Vendors can log in, fill out the cards, and submit them to AstroPay for review. They can also attach documentation (bank statements, tax forms, etc.) to cards. The info goes to AstroPay's central database, and institutions receive submissions for approval. 


We combined React.js’ front end with Java's back end. Also, we added Amazon Aurora’s relational database and AWS’ Cloud Computing services. Nowadays, the service is available in iOS App Store and Google Play.

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