21st-Century Learning Systems

Centerprising offers advanced learning methods for 21st-century success achievement through innovation-focused action plan programs

Product Design and Development
Creating a successful Learn Management System

Centerprising is an online learning platform that offers journeys for wealth creators and family business leaders. Among their topics, its highlights are disruption investments and enterprise re-engineering.


The platform offers six-week programs. Among these, the astounding combination of podcasts and webinars is a remarkable highlight. As a result, it creates a 360° experience for users.


We work alongside Centerprising to create a successful, educational, and profitable learning environment. We focused on improving its website and Learn Management System to achieve it.


The platform’s main goal was to develop a disruptive 21st-century tool for online enterprise learning.


The proposal was ideated by Florence Tsai, who owns an amazing career path. For instance, she holds an AB in Economics from Harvard College and an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Furthermore, she also has an MBA from Harvard Business School. Centerprising aims to achieve multi-generational wealth creation success with its quarters in Boston and LA. To do so, it attends to family businesses’ needs worldwide. Within its values, it provides tools for action planning to create meaningful dialogues and innovations. Moreover, it focuses on innovation while it brings together business families for long-term connections. As a result of this, its processes rely on self-reflection and sharing.

The programs offer a portfolio of online processes designed as toolboxes for achieving multi-generational success. For this, it gives guided and practical learning, leading to developing action plans as final outputs. Users can spend as many hours as they wish to assimilate materials and create action plans during this process. Nowadays, it has a series of public seminars. For instance, these include Family Wealth Creation, and Profit from Disruption.


For our team, the main dare was to create the interface based on mockups provided by the client. Additionally, we needed to consider the requested LMS, adding a UX-friendly experience.

Worth Mentioning

We built their product from the ground, leading their digital transformation from consultant-based to platform-based.


Since we already had their mockups, we relied on WordPress, adding a Learning Management System. Also, we applied HTML and CSS3 elements and worked with JS for its development adjustments.


We found Capicua to be really inquisitive and interested in the work. Also, they were punctual for meetings and appointments. Furthermore, they were always eager to bring new ideas to the table — Daniel Honig (CEO at Boomer Digital)

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