FinTech Systematic Investments

BITA is a revolution for FinTech investment strategies, providing end-to-end and user-friendly systems for all its users.




Product Development


Creating the Front-End Development for successful User Experiences


BITA is a German Index Technology Company. Within its offers, it provides enterprise services to empower systematic investments. Furthermore, the company is the first worldwide provider of an end-to-end structure for indexation and acquisitions.


Its platform allows clients to design and test investment strategies flexibly. On top of that, it enables them to calculate and benchmark them. As a result, their clients don't have to rely on traditional solutions—for instance, data vendors or complex tools.


We started working with BITA to create an easy-to-use front-end for their platform. Also, the business needed to present its comprehensive data with a simple interface and over-the-top performance. Besides, they wanted a pre-made system to export their info.


Its main dare was to create the perfect platform to show and sell its services.


BITA started in Germany to provide advanced infrastructure. This core value offers the design, development, calculation, and dissemination of financial indexes and quantitative investment strategies. Further, it has two central index systems. On the one hand, BITA Core offers an all-in-one platform for building indexing and investment strategies. And on the other hand, BITA Ace is a powerful real-time calculation engine. Moreover, it provides a seamless transition from back-testing to calculation. Thus, this reduces production times and manual processes.


Capicua’s main challenge was building a front end that allows non-developers easily create views and make changes. Along this, its vast amount of data had to be presented with outstanding performance and simple UI. Moreover, we needed a service to customize and export this info into PDFs or Excel documents.


Worth Mentioning

Capicua created all of BITA’s Front End and User Experience from the ground up. As a result, we built a simple and straightforward interface within a complex platform with vast data.


To improve their FE, we combined React and Node.js. To achieve this, we considered the need for it to be used daily by non-dev workers. Moreover, we added HighCharts, to efficiently create and add professional-quality charts and graphs.


“ Their willingness to deliver value was not only at the software development level. Also, on communications, QA, Product Management, etc. - Paul Herrera (CTO at BITA).

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