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Bellwether revolutionizes the coffee industry with its zero-emission coffee roasters and its sustainable marketplace of high-quality coffee beans.




App Design, Development, Documentation & Quality Assurance


Developing an upgraded version of its suite with advanced-guard technology


Bellwether is a venture-backed start-up specialized in changing the coffee industry. Besides its zero-emission electric coffee roasters, the company runs a marketplace.


Its impact highlights principles like quality, traceability, and sustainability. Also, a vast core value of it is building community with all parties in the process. These communities encompass coffee growers, markets, and cooperatives.


The venture needed to update the quality of its app suite. These included software for roasters, marketplaces, and administration apps. Consequently, we worked alongside Bellwether as an on-demand extension of its team.

"The world is turning towards renewable energy. Electric-powered coffee roasting is the future!"
Bellwether Coffee


The venture's main goal, with its bellwether roaster, is to make coffee roasting accessible for everyone. To achieve this, Bellwether mixes tradition and modernity, redefining thermal stability in roasters.


The business, born in California, is a venture-backed start-up transforming the coffee industry. Its main product is a zero-emission electric coffee roaster. It can roast batches of coffee beans with customizable roasting profiles. Further, it also runs a marketplace for high-quality, sustainable coffee beans.

Bellwether’s founders noticed that traditional coffee roasters had a single-pass system. Cool air from outside gets flash-heated, and it’s released through ventilation stacks. Furthermore, it can cause unpredictable changes in the processes. Without precise thermal monitoring, measuring environmental variables was complex.

The Bellwether coffee roaster rose as the most sustainable coffee roaster around the world. Achieving this minimizes the ecological impact on air quality and energy usage. Moreover, it has well insulation with thermal probes and high-precision pressure sensors. These erase several external factors that often make it hard to replicate roasts. In summary, it lets users know what’s happening within the roaster.


Our main challenge was leveling their apps' quality with their products. To do so, we enable the most advanced tech to improve its functionalities. On top of that, we put particular focus on the environmental factor. These updates included various UX/UI design and development improvements. Besides, we needed to improve their documentation and quality assurance. In summarizing, the dare was to make coffee roasting sustainable and accessible to all.

“The world is turning towards renewable energy. Electric-powered coffee roasting is the future.”


Worth Mentioning

We’ve been working on a great variety of projects with Bellwether. To list some, we have worked on design, development, documentation, and quality control. On top of that, we’ve worked across different teams from the organization. This joint work got us excellent and fulfilling feedback from them. As a result, we matured all their systems right after their MVP.


We combined React for the front-end for a project of this magnitude and Node.JS for the back-end. Besides, we included the Amazon Web Service’s cloud computing platform, MongoDB’s database, and RedUX’s state management. Moreover, we worked with Atlaskit’s UI library, using Appcues to create an onboarding experience for customer-facing apps.


Capicua developed the 2.0 version of its administrative app. Within it, we paid particular focus on providing a seamless user experience. As a result, we developed several applications, communicating with each other within the Bellwether suite. Moreover, our design team built iterative design cycles to satisfy app users.


Nowadays, we keep assisting their QA team by testing batches of code throughout the development process. Also, we facilitate communications between devs and QA professionals. Furthermore, our team has the app fully documented to ensure it meets users' goals.

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