High-Tech Parking

In a slow and opaque infrastructure context, FlashParking offers simple and high-tech parking solutions for users, brands, and industries.

Branding and Website Design & Development
Developing an advance-guard site aligned with the venture's innovative vision

FlashParking offers an integrated suite of hardware and cloud-based software solutions. Specifically, it focuses on parking companies for parking lot and valet management.


Nowadays, it's used in over 850 venues throughout the US. Also, it processes more than 33M vehicles. On top of that, it got a funding injection of $3M. As a result, the enterprise keeps growing.


FlashParking needed design and development staff flexibility. To do so, it reached offsite help to support its in-house team. In this case, its website had to be rebuilt real quickly.


The principal goal was to position FlashParking as an innovative parking solution. Its innovation offers customizable solutions for any-size operations in any industry.


FlashParking rose from a team of experienced entrepreneurs and developers back in 2011. Behind it, there was the mission of building a 21st-century parking solution. Furthermore, the founders wanted to bring advanced tech to an antiquated industry. Since then, it's changed the market with efficient, secure, and future-ready parking solutions. The first step to achieving this was listening to potential customers. Daily weaknesses were then translated into a suite with over-the-top tech.

Over ten years after, FlashParking is serving thousands of locations across the US. Its industry-leading technology has proven that a better parking experience is possible. The venture is powering parking by transforming its assets into mobility hubs.


Founders weren’t happy with their existing static website’s design and functionalities. To fix this, they aimed for a CMS that allowed them to update FP’s page while also starting a blog. Moreover, FlashParking wanted a new look and feel, responsiveness, and SEO optimization. For promoting purposes, the founders began to take part in industry conferences. As a consequence, Flash Parking also needed conference materials and sales presentations. All these had to reflect its values and be able to customize for each potential client. The challenge was to create an advance-guard site. Further, it had to be aligned with the company’s innovation in its industry.

Worth Mentioning

FlashParking’s site now shows a massive amount of specialized services. Some include alliances, airports, hospitals, schools, municipalities, etc. Furthermore, we worked with its tech department. As a result, we developed an 89-page site in one month.


Within one month, we efficiently completed the project with Divi on WordPress. The site required 89 pages full of content and images. Yet, not all this content was ready when production began. We stayed in constant contact with its Texas team.


Another highlight of our strategy was creating mockups and templates for parking machines. We proposed to overlay future client branding over its kiosks' images. To this day, we're in charge of designing mockups for FlashParking's potential clients. On top of that, the venture headquarters also have our designs on its walls.

In this context, we handle its brand presentations. We applied its guidelines to design sales material for potential clients. As a result, our first experience at a conference with this client was a tremendous success. Since then, the board has asked us to joint-build materials for its conferences. These receive the name of "Flash Forwards" and are now held for current clients.

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