Good Skin Club

Small Steps, Great Outcomes

Good Skin Club focuses on providing minimal skincare for maximum results in an ever-growing and saturated market like the skincare industry.

Good Skin Club

Good Skin Club


UI/UX Design


Upgrading a solid product to enhance eCommerce UX for users and doctors.


Good Skin Club is a skincare-dedicated web app. Beyond offering eCommerce for cosmetic products, it provides many ways to help users, such as blogs and live streams.


Not only are all Good Skin Club’s products recommended and tested by professional dermatologists. The brand takes it to the next level by offering paid one-on-one sessions with specialists to ensure all products and processes suit each person asking.


Capicua provided Product UI/UX services to upgrade the brand’s proposal beyond the eCommerce aspect, giving an integral experience for users all around the USA.


Good Skin Club (GSC) aimed to change the skincare industry by giving complete experiences while focusing on products’ quality rather than quantity in terms of skincare steps,


From scratch, Good Skin Club focused on minimalist skincare. This concept refers to the rising market that offers more and more steps, therefore, more products. Its approach focuses on guaranteeing maximum results with fewer steps, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

Its central values are Inclusivity, Integrity, and Impact. Further, its product offer embraces two broad categories. On one side, its clean, cruelty-free products. This stance ensures that all products only contain the needed ingredients and eliminates overly chemical additives. On the other hand, it relies on skincare products and wellness supplements to create professional experiences both inside and outside. The company also heavily emphasizes its human side, donating a portion of its income to the Los Angeles DreamCenter.


There were many challenges surrounding the GSC project. The brand needed a robust, trustworthy, fast platform to support all interactions, from blog posts to live streams. While GSC’s team had the idea, they required a Product Design process to translate its concept into a real-life product. Hence, our main challenge was achieving a complex yet simple-to-use platform, given the number of users and services offered.



We enhanced a superb platform for users, medical staff, and business executors to achieve their goals in a solid and reliable space. We’re still working with Good Skin Club, with them fully invested in the funding stage to keep scaling the company.

UI/UX Design

Regarding UI/UX, we took care of all edges. This procedure included user personas, user flows, wireframes, interfaces, and prototyping. We also created different landing pages and a deck for the brand to get funding.

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