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Hitz: Successful Music Partnerships

Successful Music Partnerships

UX/UI Design

Achieving success in the music industry is possible with the right partnership platform. Hitz Factory offers a complete suite for artists to reach goals.

UX/UI Design

Successful Music Partnerships

Achieving success in the music industry is possible with the right partnership platform. Hitz Factory offers a complete suite for artists to reach goals.


Hitz Factory is a lyrics and music composition, production, and edition service. Its services go from songs to albums. Also, these apply to both emerging and recognized artists around the world.


The main impact of Hitz Factory lies in its 360 degrees services. As a result, it offers outstanding and integral support for artists to excel in the different edges of their art.


We partnered up with Hitz to develop its brand image. Along with this, we are in charge of unraveling a platform up to the quality of their services. This platform serves for letting their work be known and expanding their catalog by booking new artists.

Hitz: Successful Music Partnerships


Since its beginnings, Hitz's goal has been providing artists with production services. These services go from lyrics' composition to musical arrangements. As a result, artists can take their careers to the next level with solid strategic support.


Hitz rose as a music production and composition venture. A fantastic highlight is that it focuses on emerging and consolidated artists. From the start, it aimed to show revolutionary differences in the production process. For instance, one of its foundations is providing easy access to beats and sounds. In this sense, its strengths are the best way to promote its development processes. Besides its offered services, its short-term goal is to solidify as a record label.

As a result, it will be able to promote its artists from a holistic approach to achieve better results.


A massive challenge was to create its brand identity. Since the first step, it needed to go along with Hitz Factory's vision. The final goal was to offer a global idea of what it means to be an artist and what aspects needed to be taken care of. We aimed to reflect this in the venture's look and feel. We bet to show them while listing the platform's different proposals.

Hitz: Successful Music Partnerships


We performed this project with an agile combination of Figma and Wordpress. On one side, we created reliable interfaces on Figma. We wireframed a complete presentation of Hitz's services. On the other, we built the web ecosystem with Divi Builder for Wordpress. With this mix, we can present a light yet powerful web platform.


Capicua’s team unraveled a modern and vibrant look and feel for Hitz. For example, we developed an identity with pop music culture reminiscences. With this kick starter, we could build their website's interface and experience. To do so, we relied on visual aspects and elements. As a result, it both shows services and presents an assertive representation of their strengths and goals.

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